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Portable VR Glasses Spotlight

The one I received was a good quality and budget portable VR headset. It has network set-top box functions and I can use it for gaming and watching movies. The material is made of ABS resin lens just like many other budget free VR 3D glasses. Also it has a sponge and head belt. The belt is flexible and adjustable and suits for different face size. When you put inside your smartphone, you don’t need to worry since its sucking disk on its cover can strongly and firmly suck the smart phones for different sizes. The screen size is 5.5 inches. You don’t need to install any additional software for its setup.

Portable VR

Portable VR Glasses Testing Experience


This Portable VR is well designed, easy to use and very comfortable. I have tested a series of cardboard typed VR headset and I surely feel the considerable difference between the normal cardboard built Portable VR and plastic made Portable VR. Overall this one works good with Samsung smartphones such as Galaxy or Nexus modes. It is also lightweight design and its elastic head strap is comfortable and firmly secure the VR kit from falling when gaming or watching movies. Also its comfort padded cushion makes me feel comfortable when it positions against my face. However, for cardboard based Portable 3D VR, you may not feel as comfortable as plastic ones.

Portable VR

I can stay clear focus for both of my eye positions. I like the way how this Portable 3D VRis folded so that they can take up less space when being stored or carried. In my opinion, Portable VR lovers may like to try out these Portable VR glasses if they haven’t used one before. The only challenge was when using the Portable VR for long hours I get a little dizzy. Both sizes holes of its main body can charge smart phone when playing movies. With compact portable design. Overall, this Portable VR is a great product. The head strap is comfortable. Its 3D effect is as good as you can get with a phone.

Portable VR

Portable VR Glasses Specification

Item size: 15.5 * 11.5 *9.0 cm / 6.10 * 4.53 * 3.54in
Item weight: 137g / 4.85oz
View angle: 100%
View field: horizontal
Simulate the viewing distance: 3m
Lens: Aspheric HD lens
Phone operation system: Android/IOS
Definition: 99%


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