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3D VR Deal What’s On Sale

VR Headset Universal for iPhone Samsung 4 to 6.5 Inches Android iOS

Again, a easy-to-use 3D VR headset even for young child or the old people. You just need to put your cell phone into the slot of the item, but be sure the screen size of your phone is not beyond 6.5 inches. It has adjustable pupil distance and optical axis sliding control feature. Smartphones with different sizes can be securely inserted into the 3D VR glasses by using its adjustable sponge mat. No additional apps is needed to install on the glasses. Holes on its both sides of the VR main body is designed for phone cable connectivity or any other external devices.

3D VR Deal

3D VR Deal

3D VR Deal VR Headset Hands on experience

You can adjust the tightness of its 3 headbands to your most comfortable position. Be sure that the magic tape of the 3D VR glasses is pasted outward.  Well its focal length is also simply to be adjusted. You can rotate two lens to make the screen shows more clear. The 3D VR glasses has myopia function so you don’t need to wear your own glasses if you were under 600 degrees. Its filed of view is up to 102 degrees so magnify its screen up to at least 5 times. It is easy for me to notice its glare shield, mobile phone shelf and switch button all inside its front cover. Its headband holes are at the right side of the VR glasses, and a headband hole at the top of its VR glasses. Also at the top of VR glasses you can adjust interpupillary distances by its left and right buttons. If you checked inside its screen you could see its glare shield is in number “8” shape. The supporting framework of the 3D VR glasses can be moved to expand for bigger size smartphones.

3D VR Deal

3D VR Deal

3D VR Deal VR Headset Specifications

Color: White with Black
Materials: ABS and Spherical Resin Lens Materials
Item size: 18.0 * 12.0 * 11.0 cm
Item weight: 321g

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3D VR Deal Portable Folding 3D VR Glasses Universal for smartphones 4 to 6 inches Android iOS

The 3D VR Glasses is smartphone-based and is ideal for indoor or outdoor purposes. Its high-precision lens provides a clearer picture and a better view. Although for most cases you may not feel too much dizzy after two or three hours usages, we still recommend you to have a rest after watching VR films for more than two hours. Its unique folding and adjustable design makes me feel easy to fold. The 3D VR headset is for phones with no more than 6 inches screen sizes. You can also find cleaning accessories in its package such as cleaning cloth and wet and dry cleaning paper.

3D VR Deal

3D VR Deal

3D VR Deal Portable Folding 3D VR Glasses Hands On

The overall folding process is easy. Firstly you should unfolding screen for side plate, and then folding glasses frames and finally the whole 3D VR will be into just one tiny square shape box. Well the unfolding process is also simple. You should first hold its frame edge and then open outward until totally unfold the 3D VR Deal glasses. Then you need to hole the light plate. You just need to put your smartphone into its elasticity clamping piece. Before you put the 3D glasses on, make sure its middle plate is aligned with its screen center. You can adjust plates on both sides of the 3D VR glasses, or move its round frame to fit your eye size.

3D VR Deal

3D VR Deal Portable Folding 3D VR Glasses Specifications

Color: Black
Materials: ABS and Spherical Resin Lens
Item Size (Folding): 9.0 * 7.5 * 3.5 cm
Item Weight: 68g


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