VR 3D Headset Arealer® SKY All-in-one 1080p 5.5Inch Bluetooth 4.0

VR 3D Headset Arealer® SKY Features

Screen Quality

The smartphone-free VR 3D Headset has 1080p HD screen display. We have once tested VR 3D Headset or home projector with 720p, but 720p is NOT really FULL HD display unless you got a device which has at least 1080p. In some cases if you enlarged the graph it may occur some missing pixels for 720p level display. Its refresh rate is 70 Hz, which is far beyond average performance. The VR 3D Headset has been embedded with 9 axle sensors which supports 360° view of head tracking. THE VR 3D Headset also supports 2D panorama format. The VR 3D Headset has 5.5 inches TFT screens with 1080p resolution display.

VR 3D Headset

Gaming and Films Resources

The VR 3D Headset has more than 100 VR Games, which will be auto. updated.  Its 360 degrees space interactive system supports surround sound output, so makes you feel totally immerse for gaming through the player’s actual rotation of head. You are kinds of being a part of them.

VR 3D Headset

Lens and System Performance

The Arealer® VR SKY All-in-one VR 3D Headset has Allwinner H8 Octa-Core CPU and Nibiru OS operating system. Arealer SKY VR 3D Headset operates with anti-blue rays that has double 45mm Aspheric high transparency lens. It also has optimal 100° field of view (FOV). The angel really fits human eyesight, so you could even notice weak light leak. The VR 3D Headset also supports adjusting pupil distance and is compatible with naked eyes with myopia under 600 degrees. The design of the VR 3D Headset is based on Nibiru operating system, which originally came from Android 4.0. The built-in APP can fit the majority of VR-typed games or films. You can download anything you like on Google play, YouTube and so on. However, one of the most weak points about the VR 3D Headset is its operating system only has English version.

VR 3D Headset

VR 3D Headset Arealer® SKY Hands on experiences


To start with you just need to download a VR app, and then setup the app on your smartphone, place your phone in the front compartment and watch the app. After I adjusted the focal adjuster and eye width adjuster at the top of the VR 3D Headset, it did ensure that the movie was clear. The VR 3D Headset was arrived in nice and cool package with all the useful accessories. The head strap of the VR 3D Headset is adjustable and there was plenty of padding around the eye socket area. We have tested it to watch film by using iPhone 6, and it did good. The VR 3D Headset did do well for transmitting footage to lenses. The closure is a snap on, and thanks to the reusable sticky grip, it held my phone in place very tightly. However, I felt a little crazy with adjusting the sides and slipped the material out of it’s built in hook.

VR 3D Headset

Well, most importantly I think we should always take note of the reasons a person prefer or dislike a item since most products may be used with various purposes. The way you prefer when using one product may not be what the other consumer thinking about it.

VR 3D Headset Arealer® SKY Specifications

VR 3D Headset Brand: Arealer
VR 3D Headset Model: VR SKY
CPU: Allwinner H8 Octa-Core Cortex-A7CPU, up to 2.0GHz.
GPU: Power VR SGX544 PowerVR SGX544GPU, up to 700MHz.
Expand Memory: Micro SD Card up to 32GB
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4G WiFi
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Screen: 5inches TFT
Resolution: 1920*1080
Refresh rate 70Hz
Lens Diameter: 45mm
VR 3D Headset Material: High transparent optic resin (PMMA).
Lens Structure: low dispersion aspherical
Refraction compensation: naked eyes with myopia under 600 degrees.
Angle: at least 100 degrees
Compatible video format: MPEG-2, H.264, H.265.
Audio Formats: MP3
Sound Effect / Sound Channel: Single Channel / Dual Channel
Picture Formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF.
Earphone: Support: 3.5mm
Interface: 1 * Standard USB; 1 * Micro USB port; 1 * TF Card slot; 1 * Earphone Output
Battery: Polymer lithium battery 4000 mAh
Power Supply: Input: AC 100 to 240V, Output: DC 5V/2A
Charge Time: About 1 hours
Working Time: Up to 3 hours
Standby Time: 4 hours
Charge Port: Micro USB
Color: White with black
VR 3D Headset size: 19.0 * 12.0 * 9.0cm
VR 3D Headset weight: 413g

VR 3D Headset

VR 3D Headset Arealer® SKY Package list

1 * Arealer VR SKY All-in-one machine
1 * Standard USB Cable
1 * Wired Earphone
1 * Power Adapter (5V or 2A)
1 * User Manual in English


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