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VR games Introduction

The Climb is a VR climbing game. It was released compatible with gamepads and the Oculus Touch controllers as an update. At E3, visitors and game lovers had the chance to try VR games with Oculus Touch through a whole level. There was initially much skepticism from people about how good the controls would feel without Touch when the VR climbing game was came into the market. Some of that skepticism has gone away, as many have tried the VR games. Perhaps the controls might not be necessarily accurate to real climbing, they still worked close to prefect and players love VR climbing game. Controlling hands without the really the actual motion of your players’ didn’t seem good.

VR games

VR games

VR games Player Experience

The Touch version of the VR climbing game is still in development so things could change. Even though VR games players were using the Touch controllers, the only factor that made your fingers move in this demo was pressing the trigger button, which was for grabbing. The way locomotion works is that player move the world around them when gripping. It felt surprisingly natural and not like it would get players motion sick, but it may be different for other groups of players who have quite different VR games preferences. In this case no stomach twist occurred. Compared to demo version, the full animations of the VR games may be in the final version. Other gaming features I think could have been better were how hands of players were controlled.

VR games

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VR games New Features

The wrist straps would safety and unlearn what you’ve always been doing with other controllers. In the case of VR games, sometimes players do have to physically launch into the air using their hands and then grabbing the new ledge just at the right second. Players also do have to reach a tad for some of the holds. In reality, people could nearly have an extremely loose grip of the controllers entirely without too much worry of having them slip out of hands. This is vital for getting better and faster at climbs and making certain reaches and jumps. It makes me felt even more satisfying after I mastered these physical movements and got through the whole climbing game.

VR games

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