Ulefone U007 Smartphone Android 6.0 OS 8GB ROM $49


Ulefone U007 Smartphone Introduction   You may have seen lots of times when 007 agent escaping from a bloody shootout because his smartphone saves his life, which he put it in jacket. Just imagine such kind of smartphone come true in reality, and it is the Ulefone U007 mode. Actually James Bond did use U007 in the show !!! How cool would it sounds. Ulefone U007 becomes a perfect smartphone for those users who do not require very high performance but want a product of acceptable quality with all-round functions and super budget price level. Ulefone U007 Smartphone Design U007 comprises of plastic material. Based on my product review experiences, plastic is the most common material used in budget friendly category. Ulefone U007

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Ulefone Paris An-IPhone-Alike Smartphone

Have looking for a backup phone for vacation under 100 pounds so that’s why I got this Ulefone Paris mobile. Chinese phones are usually poorly made but for this one I would not say the same. So the phone arrived in good packaging one week after the order was made. As you could see from the photo the presentation box is quite simple, just perfect for a simple guy like me myself. It comes with the phone, a battery, an earphone, a charger, a protective film, cable and user manual in English.   Ulefone Paris Remarkable Display   As many users have pointed out that the Ulefone Paris looks just like an IPhone 6, and no kidding it looks almost the

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