In Ear Earphone Mini Mono Bluetooth Headset with Charger

In Ear Earphone Overview

The world loves music and everyone has a different taste in music. There are times when you want to hear music on your speakers and times when you want to hear it alone. When it comes to listening to your favorite music alone, headphones are your choice. Now, headphones are of many different types. You can buy over-ear, on-ear and in-ear headphones depending on which one you like the most. While over-ear and on-ear headphones were popular headphones of the past, in-ear headphones are now the most favorite ones. Here are the reasons why in-ear earphones are loved so much.

in ear earphone

In Ear Earphone Technological Testing

Noise Cancelation

One of the most important things when hearing music on earphones is canceling the outside noise. On ear headphones are often bad at canceling the outside noise. As a result, the music you hear gets mixed up with noise of the traffic and people talking. Over-ear headphones are good at noise cancelation but with time they start becoming loose. The padding on earpieces also deteriorates and then you have to say goodbye to noise cancelation. With in-ear earphones, external noise cancelation is at its peak. When hearing music on in-ear earphones you are completely secluded from the rest of the world.

in ear earphone


One of the biggest problems with over-ear and on-ear headphones is their fitting. The cups that go on your ears with over-ear headphones are quite big in size. They cover a large area and so the contours of the face can disturb their fitting. Over-ear headphones also have problems with their fitting since different people have different ears shapes and sizes. With in-ear earphones you don’t have to face these problems because they are inserted in the tube of your ear. Better yet, the new in-ear earphones are made according to the shape of ear tube, so they fit perfectly in your ears.

Sound Quality

You could always debate on the sound quality of headphones because this is a very subjective matter. What type of music you are hearing, the settings of your equalizer and the element of music that you prefer can have effects on how a person assesses the sound quality. With in-ear earphones you are mostly guaranteed to get the best sound quality in your ears. It is because the earphones are inserted in your ear and closest to your eardrums. In short, no element of music or sound is lost when you hear music on in-ear earphones.

in ear earphone


In-ear earphones are the most practical form of earphones out there. First, they are small enough to be carried in your pocket. You can even put them in a very small case so to avoid the tangling that takes place in the pocket. Furthermore, their size and fitting in the ears makes them perfect for people who like to work out. You won’t be comfortable running or jogging with over-ear headphones because they will keep moving. Despite their small size they are available in many different colors so you can pick the ones that go with your personality.


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