Outdoor Watch Youngs® SOS Pacer Bluetooth FREE Delivery


Outdoor Watch Youngs® Overview We have many smart watches available in the market with wide variety of functions inbuilt. Those are great smart watches no doubt. But one problem was the cost. Most of those high end smart watches came with a high price tag. Youngs crystal Smart Watch is different from all those. Youngs comes at a low cost of only $49.42. Just because this outdoor watch is cheap doesn’t mean there are no features in it. On the contrary, this outdoor watch is loaded with all the essential features that a smart watch must have. Outdoor Watch Youngs® Hands on Testing Let’s start from the display unit. Youngs smart watch has a 1.54 inch capacitive touchscreen with 240X240 pixels resolution. The

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Smart Watch Zeblaze crystal Bluetooth 4.0 FREE Delivery


Smart Watch Introduction Zeblaze is a smart watch made for outdoor use. You might be thinking that don’t all watches are made for both indoor and outdoor uses. The difference here is that this smart watch is specially made for outdoor use. It can be used in all physical conditions. The smart watchlooks just like an ordinary watch. The design and looks are exactly matching any other ordinary digital watch out there. But the performance is no ordinary. Smart Watch Hands on Testing The smart watch has very good build quality. It is water resistant up to 100 meters. This is a perfect gadget for those who go out to places where there is water. You can use the smart watch when going on

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Smart Wristband iwowfit® V6 OLED Bluetooth Global Delivery


Smart Wristband Introduction The word of the generation of 2010 and onward has been “Smart.” Everything is becoming smart. Smartphones, smart cars and now smart watches! Smart watches are the newest “Smart” tech product that has jumped on the tech scene. If you want a smart wristband, then you should consider checking out the Smart Watch Wristband Bracelet Bluetooth 4.0. This smart wristband is going to be on everyone’s wrist in the upcoming seasons as it has a sleek black design without an overbearing screen. It can support text, incoming call notifications and of course, the pedometer. Smart Wristband iwowfit® Technological Features & Hands on The pedometer is one of the main reasons people are excited about smart wristbands as it

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Tracker Watch 1.44 inch TFT Display Full 2.5D SOS Remote Camera


Tracker Watch Overview Children are active and playful. It is not possible to expect them to play within a defined territory. No matter how much you try to keep an eye on your child, there can be occasions when they can just wander away on their own. What to do then? One needs to act quickly in such situations, whether it’s on the way home from school or a family outing. Modern technology has found out a solution for such situations. Now you can have location devices which are lightweight and easily wearable for your child. You can find these safety wearables in various convenient designs, from disposable plastic bands to rechargeable watches that can be used as cell phones as

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Iradish i8 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch

Do you still use mechanical watches?If  you do, then you are out of date. This Iradish i8 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch can deliver clear voice transmission and high quality sound. It possesses such functions as Dialer, Messaging, Phonebook,Pedometer, Remote Camera, Alarm, Calendar, Music Player. Iradish Smart Watch Unique Design   It works with iOS 7.0 above and Android 4.0 above smartphone and tablets (Bluetooth 3.0 Or Above). You can use the watch to answer call and listen to music without taking out the phone, which is very convenient. You can also see your missed calls, dialed calls and received calls. It truly delivers clear voice transmission and high quality sound. Moreover, this watch can play the music in your phone.

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ZGPAX Smart Watch S360 Enjoy Smart life!

I have never heard of ZGPAX smartwatches before. However, this time after give a shoot for the brand, I will take a quick look at the ZGPAX S360 smart watch and showcase its key functions to all of you   ZGPAX Smart Watch Great SOS Function   First of all, this  ZGPAX smart watch S360 mode can synchronously receive message,and quickly reply message. You can also direct callback directly in the message interface. However, this feature is not available for IOS system. If you are carrying your phone nearby, you can use the watch as a bluetooth receiver to view messages and make phone calls by connecting to your phone. Additionally, the S360 ZGPAX smart watch possesses a function that most

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Fitness Bracelet OLED Fitness Wristband Hot Deal

Do you want to have a good figure and healthy life? This multifunctional OLED fitness bracelet comes at hand.   OLED Fitness Bracelet Healthy Friend for U This OLED fitness Bracelet  possesses the 7-in-1 functions: pedometer, anti-lost tracker, sleep monitor, exercise monitor, remote shutter, time display and phone finder. Just wear it and it will remind you of how much exercise you did, how much calorie you took and how much you slept.   OLED Fitness Bracelet Cool as Cellphone   It can not only helps you to develop good healthy habits but also helps you to find phone and to take photos. You can use it as same as your telephone. It will be more convenient than you using phone alone.

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