VR Headset Coupon DeePoon VR Giveaway


VR Headset Coupon DeePoon VR vs HTC & Oculus Rift   Currently some famous brands for the Virtual Reality headset market includes the Taiwanese brand HTC or the one from the USA Oculus Rift. However, a young Chinese enterprise DeePoon also worthy our attention if we compared a series of technological figures. Here we gonna compare DeePoon M2 model, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.        DeePoon M2                                  HTC Vive                              Oculus Rift VR Headset Coupon DeePoon VR Connectivity & Design We focus our comparison on five parts: connectivity, design,

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UMI Super Smartphone 5.5” 4G MTK6755 $249

UMI Super smartphone

Discount deals for UMI Super Smartphone UMI Super Smartphone See more & Order Now 25% cheaper than Amazon   UMI Super Smartphone Introduction The Chinese smartphone enterprise UMI recently has announced their brand new phone mode : UMI Super smartphone. So far it seems to be the second big shot from the UMI company followed the first mode UMI Touch came earlier in this year. Actually, if compared UMI Super smartphone with iPhone 6 series or Samsung Galaxy S7, you would see UMI Super a strong competitor for famous smartphone figures. UMI Super Smartphone vs iPhone & Samsung   UMI Super Smartphone vs iPhone Since iPhone 7 has not come out yet, we compare UMI Super smartphone with the latest iPhone 6S

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Best Budget Smartphone CUBOT Technoligical Insights Comparison

best budget smartphone

Best Budget Smartphone CUBOT Introduction If back to the year 2010 when iPhone 4 series came out, you may want to buy a iPhone. However, things are changing very quickly in the smartphone market. If you were still targeting on iPhone, or other very famous brands like Samsung; or if you want to replace your old or broken iPhone and Samsung, we strongly recommend you the best budget smartphone option: CUBOT brand. Cubot series are great budget-friendly. You can also enjoy similar functions and experience by only, or even less, half of the price of a iPhone or Samsung phone. For this article we will compare various best budget smartphone CUBOT models with deep technological features and discuss their advantages and

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OUKITEL Smartphone K6000 Pro 6000 mAh 16MP Waterproof


Euro Cup Deal HOT Sale OUKITEL Smartphone   Deal time: From 2nd June to 16th June (Euro Cup period ) Deal Price: $86 for OUKITEL K4000  $149 for OUKITEL K6000 Pro For more & Order please click here: Euro Cup Deal OUKITEL    ————————————————————————————————– Shenzhen, China has again published a highly valuable smartphone deal. With a price level of just around 150 dollars, the brand OUKITEL has recently announced its K6000 Pro mobile model that could be a strong competitor to iPhone and Samsung series smartphone. Let’s check in details about the OUKITEL K6000 Pro. OUKITEL Smartphone K6000 Pro Advanced Battery Capacity Battery quality is definitely a spotlight of K6000 Pro technological features. This model has 6000 mAh high capacity Li-Po

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Chuwi Tablet Hi12 64Bit BT4.0 New Arrival 30% OFF!

Chuwi Tablet

Chuwi Tablet Introduction Chuwi is a high value tablet deal compared to its similar brands. Although its price is considerably cheaper than other brands, Chuwi Tablet Hi12 model still has excellent functions and would be a quite good alternative to Apple or Microsoft tablet if you wanna try some new taste. This review will go through details in all-round technological aspects based on using experience for your order reference. Chuwi Tablet Connectivity&Design Chuwi Hi12 model has high quality aluminum case and very susceptible to scratches. Its stability is really good and the operating noise is very low under strong pressure. No gap is between its display and glass. Chuwi tablet Hi12 has multiple and various ports that provide users with

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Gaming Headphone SADES Top Gaming Headphone

Gaming Headphone

Gaming Headphone SADES® Introduction SADES® is a professional and stylish gaming headphone, and is designed based on noise and echo cancellation technology. Its ear cushion is made of comfortable leather material and effectively insulate your hearing environment. It is ideal for desktop, notebook or laptop. SADES® is lightweight and portable so prefect for traveling purpose. Gaming Headphone SADES® Technological Specifications The gaming headphone benefits from 50mm diameter HiFi speaker, hence provides game players precisely sound reduction, and even very little change in sound can be caught. Players can enjoy great fun for the high degree in game battle reality. Other  technological aspects included enhanced audio, bass response, crisp treble and natural alto. For device connectivity the gaming headphone is compatible

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TOP Smart Scale Review for Best Progress 2016

Top smart scale

Top Smart Scale Which One to Choose Standard scales seem no longer meet diverse needs of users. Consumers have higher requirements for health. A smart scale can does really much more than traditional ones. Market competition is fierce, and it is not surprising to see many smart ones have corresponding free APP analysis, or bioelectrical impedance technology. However, the key point is: how to get a really good smart scale with economic price and all-round functions ? This top smart scale review picks 3 fast progress brands: Koogeek, Xiaomi and iHealth. 360-degree analysis has been taken based on tests and technological features. Finally a criteria comparison for these bands will be provided. Top Smart Scale Key Criteria Key criteria is important for measuring scales.

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