VR 3D Headset Arealer® SKY All-in-one 1080p 5.5Inch Bluetooth 4.0


VR 3D Headset Arealer® SKY Features Screen Quality The smartphone-free VR 3D Headset has 1080p HD screen display. We have once tested VR 3D Headset or home projector with 720p, but 720p is NOT really FULL HD display unless you got a device which has at least 1080p. In some cases if you enlarged the graph it may occur some missing pixels for 720p level display. Its refresh rate is 70 Hz, which is far beyond average performance. The VR 3D Headset has been embedded with 9 axle sensors which supports 360° view of head tracking. THE VR 3D Headset also supports 2D panorama format. The VR 3D Headset has 5.5 inches TFT screens with 1080p resolution display. Gaming and Films Resources The VR 3D Headset has more

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3D VR Deal Discount Ongoing 90 Euro OFF Ship from EU


3D VR Deal Coupon Code Order more than 35 Euro for 5% OFF (code: TOPCOOL) Order more than 55 Euro for 8% OFF (code: 2TOPCOOL) Order more than 90 Euro for 10% OFF (code: 3TOPCOOL) 3D VR Deal only  from 6/30 to 7/31 No limitations for currency 3D VR Deal Order Link: Coupon Deal VR 3D Glasses   3D VR Deal What’s On Sale VR Headset Universal for iPhone Samsung 4 to 6.5 Inches Android iOS Again, a easy-to-use 3D VR headset even for young child or the old people. You just need to put your cell phone into the slot of the item, but be sure the screen size of your phone is not beyond 6.5 inches. It has adjustable pupil distance and optical

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Cheap VR Glasses International Shipment Warranty


Cheap VR Glasses Code Order at least 35 Euro for 5% OFF (code: TOPCOOL) Order at least 55 Euro for 8% OFF (code: 2TOPCOOL) Order at least 90 Euro for 10% OFF (code: 3TOPCOOL) Cheap VR glasses from 6/30 to 7/31 No limitations for currency Cheap VR glasses Order Link: Coupon Deal VR 3D Glasses   Cheap VR Glasses Hot Sale Andoer® CST-09 Mode 3D VR Glasses Head-Mounted Wireless Bluetooth for 4.0 to 6.0″ Smart Phones This Andoer 3D VR GLASSES has a Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 remote gaming controller. The controller can also be used a Selfie Camera Shutter. The Cheap VR Glasses is also easy to use for the children or the old. Its set-up is simple. All you need to do is put inside your smartphone and pair the Bluetooth gaming controller with

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3D VR Glasses VR Box® Gaming 6.0″ $14 FREE Delivery US warehouse


3D VR Glasses VR Box® Technological Overview   The 3D VR Glasses is smartphone-based. If you got any modes of Android or iPhone smartphones that has 4.7 inches to 6.0 inches screen, just put the phone into the VR glasses for watching films. As many other budget free virtual reality glasses, it is suitable for different group of people and occasions like daily indoor use, family traveling or gaming competition for friends for its adjustable headset. Its material is ABS spherical resin lens and no plastic elements are included. The simulating distance is around 990 inches large screen with a distance of 2.8 meters. It also has optical axis control function, so you can adjust the resin lens by pressing the top button

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YouTube VR headset Virtual Reality Headset App


YouTube VR What is the plan At the end of Oct 2016, Google company intends to announce the fall a version of its YouTube VR app designed for virtual reality technology. The app allows users to strap on a head-mounted display to view conventional clips and 360 degree videos for a quite impressive 3D experience. In the near future I think users can watch films on YouTube via a VR headset thanks to Google’s innovation. Since the YouTube VR technology, aburgeoning trend that has captivated the VR industry through its ability to transport users into totally different digital worlds. YouTube, which is the most popular worldwide online video platform, potentially spurs its millions of viewers to try out YouTube VR headsets just as artists begin

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VR games The Climb Virtual Reality Gaming


VR games Introduction The Climb is a VR climbing game. It was released compatible with gamepads and the Oculus Touch controllers as an update. At E3, visitors and game lovers had the chance to try VR games with Oculus Touch through a whole level. There was initially much skepticism from people about how good the controls would feel without Touch when the VR climbing game was came into the market. Some of that skepticism has gone away, as many have tried the VR games. Perhaps the controls might not be necessarily accurate to real climbing, they still worked close to prefect and players love VR climbing game. Controlling hands without the really the actual motion of your players’ didn’t seem good. VR games Player Experience The Touch version

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Portable VR Glasses 5.5 inches $10 FREE Shipping


Portable VR Glasses Spotlight The one I received was a good quality and budget portable VR headset. It has network set-top box functions and I can use it for gaming and watching movies. The material is made of ABS resin lens just like many other budget free VR 3D glasses. Also it has a sponge and head belt. The belt is flexible and adjustable and suits for different face size. When you put inside your smartphone, you don’t need to worry since its sucking disk on its cover can strongly and firmly suck the smart phones for different sizes. The screen size is 5.5 inches. You don’t need to install any additional software for its setup. Portable VR Glasses Testing Experience   This

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VR Headset 3Glasses® D2 Virtual Reality Glasses 5.5″ LCD HDMI

VR Headset

VR Headset 3Glasses D2 Enterprise Introduction 3Glasses is another China-based technology enterprise that focuses on the research and development (R&D) of virtual reality products. Although VR Headset seems to be popular around the year 2015, 3Glasses company has already gained over ten years’ experience in this field, and after checked online I found the company is one of the leading figure in Chinese VR Headset market, and it also has more than 1,500 off-line VR stores in China. The 3Glasses D2 is their latest VR Headset, which was officially released on Sep. 2015. Actually, their D1 VR headset mode, which was came out in the year 2014, is the first VR headset product in Asia market.     VR Headset 3Glasses

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VR Headset Coupon DeePoon VR Giveaway


VR Headset Coupon DeePoon VR vs HTC & Oculus Rift   Currently some famous brands for the Virtual Reality headset market includes the Taiwanese brand HTC or the one from the USA Oculus Rift. However, a young Chinese enterprise DeePoon also worthy our attention if we compared a series of technological figures. Here we gonna compare DeePoon M2 model, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.        DeePoon M2                                  HTC Vive                              Oculus Rift VR Headset Coupon DeePoon VR Connectivity & Design We focus our comparison on five parts: connectivity, design,

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VR Glasses Virtual Reality Arealer Movie Game Android iOS $15

VR 3D glasses

VR Glasses Arealer Introduction Arealer is a new brand for the VR Glasses Headset. This brands focuses on analyzing and producing smartphone-based virtual reality headset. What’s more attractive is its original selling price: only around $15 so you can experience 3D version. That’s sounds really unbelievable to me. Compared to another budget-friendly brand Bao Feng VR 3D glasses that we have discussed in our past articles, the price of Arealer VR glasses is less than half price of Bao Feng VR glasses. Arealer VR 3D glasses is designed based on ergonomic idea with large FOV and being ultraviolet-proof. It is also heat dissipated and input by high-grade optical lens. The main body material is ABS like many smartphones. The item

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