Virtual Reality Headset DeePoon® M2 All-in-one 3D 5.7Inch AMOLED

Virtual Reality Headset Deepoon M2 Introduction

Virtual reality headset (VR) has become popular, like the famous Play Station VR, Microsoft ones or other similar brands. So far in the VR market two options are available: using with a smartphone power, or without a smartphone. Smartphone free VR includes brands like Samsung Gear VR. Today we will introduce and discuss another good option all-in-one VR brand: Deepoon M2 model, which is a Shanghai based enterprise specializes in producing VR technology. It is also smartphone free type thanks to its contraption and it is efficient in power saving. The VR also includes large aspherical lenses and built-in touch panel.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset Deepoon M2 Basic Technological Data

Deepoon M2 uses Samsung Exynos 7420 processor. You may feel unfamiliar that Samsung company operates Virtual Reality system, but now this is the case: Samsung has also turned to cooperate with other similar brands in smart phone and VR products market. Just a few weeks ago Samsung company released their Exynos 8890 model processor for their Galaxy S7 series smart phones.

The internal storage is 32GB, and 3GB RAM. Battery capacity is 3000 mAh, which is better than an iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy series. The headset can be fully charged in no more than 100 minutes. For the connectivity the M2 model can fit bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11. Field of view is 96 degrees. Overall the VR headset uses ABS and glass material, and there is a cotton type protection between your eyes and the headset, so could soft your muscle around eyes. In total the headset weights around 680g. Deepoon M2 VR headset also has sensors that based on high-end technology: distance sensing, temperature sensing, gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset Deepoon M2 Mail GPU

GPU is known as Graphical Processing Unit, and currently the Mail type is the world leading GPU technology for Virtual Reality Headset. Mail GPU has some specific advantages compared to other VR GPU models. Mail model has great power saving technology, well balance between high speed performance and low battery usage.

Another key factor for Mail GPU is latency. Latency refers to the delay between subsequent VR display updates and reality movements. Actually sometimes latency could be a problem because you may have dizziness or nausea issues. Mail GPU can efficiently overcome latency problems by using front buffer and additional off-screen graphic render, hence interactions can be reduced a lot. High quality VR GPU in the VR market usually requires no more than 20ms photons latency motions, and Mail GPU can done that.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset Deepoon M2 AMOLED and Gaming

As Mail GPU leads the VR GPU technology, AMOLED display is among the top for VR screen feature. AMOLED has low persistence because of partial illumination. For normal LCD type display, color filter and backlighting could low original conlor lightness. You would met considerably less blurring when using AMOLED-based VR headset because such technology can light display section when accurate image or video are shown. High rate of refresh can be imperceptible to eyesight. Your display mid-frame can be effectively updated because of adequate flexibility for multiple and partial images when in an individual refresh.

The Deepoon M2 operates based on Mail-T760MP8 GPU with 2K 5.7 inches AMOLED display quality. The screen resolution is 2560*1440. Screen view is adjustable for the best image perspective. The refresh rate of the screen is tested among 60 to 80 Hz. For gaming aspect Deepoon is also a great voice for VR game lovers since Deepoon has cooperated with a large number of game firms. It makes you feel being part of the team when in a war game environment.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset Deepoon M2 Conclusion

For the price Deepoon M2 is more expensive than Samsung Gear VR. However, Deepoon did does better in terms of its specs and PC-based systems. Combined with Samung and ARM enterprise, Deepoon M2 seems to be a strong competitor in this year’s VR headset market. Deepoon M2 also has been improved significantly compared to its previous model Deepoon E2 VR headset. If you felt inconvenient to use your own smart phone to put inside your VR headset, or if you worry about your mobile battery usage, then Deepoon M2 is a really good choice based on its around $600 price level. If you were OK with smartphone based VR headset, then you could choose some other around or even below $100 VR headset.

Virtual Reality Headset Deepoon M2 Video


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