CUBOT X15 4G 5.5″ 16MP Camera Quad Core Global Delivery


CUBOT X15 Features Overview There is always that one particular feature on every flagship smartphone that sets it apart from the rest of the phones. But what if you could have a phone whose every feature is an amazing feature? Cubot X15 is a smartphone that has been designed by intelligent minds. Its features might look like the features of other phones but the innovative minds of its makers have taken each of that features to a completely new level. First, this phone is made with materials used for making planes. This makes its internals robust without being heavy at all. CUBOT X15 Testing It might have a 5.5-inch screen that you see on other smartphones as well but it

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CUBOT S550 Pro 5.5″ 13MP Camera Fingerprint 13% OFF


CUBOT S550 Pro Introduction CUBOT S550 Pro mode is the second series of CUBOT smartphone for year 2016. What really cool is the fingerprint sensor feature of CUBOT S550 Pro, which is not common for budget smartphones under $200 price level. Currently CUBOT S550 Pro is in pre-sale until 20th July. Cubot is pretty active in the past several months. After releasing a number of good looking smartphones, it is time for the Cubot S550 Pro to make its way to the international market. CUBOT S550 Pro Package List Cubot S550 Pro comes in a standard Cubot box like all the other modes.  It is well packaged with CUBOT logo. The package I received for CUBOT S550 Pro includes one USB cable, one charger, one protective

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CUBOT Review X16S 4G Phone 13MP Android 6.0 Warranty


CUBOT Review X16S Introduction If someone asked me to pick a budget smartphone brand (here budget I mean much cheaper than iPhone or Samsung), the first name came out in my head was CUBOT. So far CUBOT has released many smartphone modes such as X11, X17, X16 etc, and personally I think all these modes are indeed good. It seems that CUBOT has become even popular especially in the UK market for the past few years. Currently the company has announced presale for its X16S mode, so let’s check this CUBOT review together. CUBOT Review X16S Design The Cubot X16S is designed thick zinc alloy frame, with scratch-proof glass at the front and back. However, Cubot X16S is not light. It weighs around 148g. Well

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CUBOT Cheetahphone 5G WiFi Android 6.0 5.5″ 3GB RAM Review


CUBOT Cheetahphone Introduction   CUBOT, one of the Chinese smartphone leading enterprise, has announced their brand new smartphone mode named CUBOT Cheetahphone. Cheetah Mobile, like CUBOT, is also a China-based enterprise with the headquarter in Beijing. Cheetah Mobile has reached over 400 million buyers in Google and Amazon platforms. It is the first time that CUBOT cooperates with Cheetah Mobile enterprise. Here we will check more technological features and insights about the CUBOT Cheetahphone. CUBOT Cheetahphone Technological Specification Overview   CUBOT Cheetahphone is based on Android 6.0 system and processor is MTK6753A with Octa Core. The screen size is 5.5 inches used by IPS material. Cheetahphone has the same width and length as Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. A 3GB RAM and

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Best Budget Smartphone CUBOT Technoligical Insights Comparison

best budget smartphone

Best Budget Smartphone CUBOT Introduction If back to the year 2010 when iPhone 4 series came out, you may want to buy a iPhone. However, things are changing very quickly in the smartphone market. If you were still targeting on iPhone, or other very famous brands like Samsung; or if you want to replace your old or broken iPhone and Samsung, we strongly recommend you the best budget smartphone option: CUBOT brand. Cubot series are great budget-friendly. You can also enjoy similar functions and experience by only, or even less, half of the price of a iPhone or Samsung phone. For this article we will compare various best budget smartphone CUBOT models with deep technological features and discuss their advantages and

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CUBOT H2 4G 64Bit 5000 mAh Battery HD cellphone

CUBOT has released a series of brand new models, like CUBOT X17, CUBOT S600, CUBOT X11 and CUBOT H1. All these new models are either come in early 2016, or coming up for the next few months. This guide will introduce you one of the best CUBOT all-round model: CUBOT H2. If you want to find a great budget-friendly smartphone but with high quality processor, camera, screen and battery, CUBOT H2 would be the top choice for you. CUBOT H2 Technology Comparison with CUBOT series   CUBOT H2 continues good features, like other 2016 CUBOT models X17, S600, H1, in screen resolution, screen technology, storage options, SD card slot, SIM, Wifi and Bluetooth. Moreover, CUBOT H2 do better in more

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Cubot cellphone X16 4G Smartphone Cool Design

If you are looking for an affordable, super-thin smartphone with quality display features then search no further than the Cubot X16 Smartphone. It’s a respected brand covering a wide variety of carrier frequencies to suit your needs. Many of the phones I see copy Apple style a lot, this still has some links (the plastic lines in the frame) but definitely  has its own unique touch. It does not give the feeling of an iPhone copycat, instead, it makes a bold move to be unique. The Cubot X16 smartphone is our most anticipated Chinese phone of the year. It is a solid, reliable and well-priced smartphone that’s gaining massive popularity amongst our community. It’s still on presale and due to

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CUBOT Smartphone X11 Android 4.4 5.5 inch

Have you ever heard of Cubot? Coubt is a popular smartphone brand. In recent years, the Cubot Smartphone Manufacturer launched a number of new products, CUBOT X11 Smartphone is one of the attracting ones.   CUBOT Smartphone Beautiful Design   The CUBOT X11 Smartphone has a beautiful design. It is the best phone I’ve ever owned. The smartphone can be called the slimmest waterproof smartphone. It is not only waterproof but also thin. It has 5.5 inch JDI IPS Incell, and the screen is 1280*720 HD resolution. Hence it will be able to offer you ultimate experience in exquisite field of vision. With its higher color saturation display screen, it makes exquisite and vivid details. Its brightness is 17% higher than that

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