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Digital Sports Gaming UK TV Channel Introduction


Believe it or not, 24-hour Sports Gaming TV channel will soon available in the UK. It is a great news for those who love playing Sports games or competitive games. Ginx eSports TV channel will be available on Sky channel. Well we would soon to see air air footage from tournaments and produce original content. Some worldwide competition, such as the Valve Dota 2, will be live on some dominant gaming TV channels.

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Digital Sports Gaming Market Competition

Michiel Bakker, the CEO of Ginx, stated that the main purpose of the 24 hour Gaming TV channel is to provide digital sports a considerable mainstream TV exposure. This would complement the online streaming of gaming. Many follow regular game players on social media platforms, for example, YouTube, or Facebook usually broadcast top tournaments. The channel will face strong competition for its audience because game players prefer to watch gaming streams online. Michiel Bakker also argued that making the channel available to Sky’s huge amount of customers would help players discover online gaming even since, and would give established fans a different perspective on competitions. Actually, early in this year, a report published by Deloitte predicted that global revenues from online sports gaming will rise by around 25% in 2016. It seems that many young generation have already give up TV in favour of web video.

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Facebook have made the similar decisions for digital channels or gaming in the past few years. A select group of high profile users have been able to use the service for a couple of months. Live streaming via mobile phones has become one of the big technology trends , so Facebook made its move. Facebook has introduced a new feature on its online platform for user to stream live video. However, at the beginning Facebook’s live video feature will be available only to a small group of USA consumers. Facebook has also improved the way young generation can share photo. Some researchers have stated that Facebook has tons of audience to promote its services. Therefore, there is nothing stopping it from becoming a significant player in video streaming.

Gaming TV

Gaming TV

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ESPN is the USA sports TV channel. It mainly covers everything from the Premier League to skateboarding. ESPN has bought e-sports organisation Major League Gaming (MLG) so as to make competitive gaming. CEOs fo ESPN intend to create esports. MLG was founded about 15 years ago and it has the longest running e-sports league in North America area. The cooperation between these two firms would improve live broadcasting skills that MLG has developed over the past decade. The idea is to create competitive gaming content that every game players willing to watch. Mike Sepso, one of the CEOs, believe that the cooperation will bring e-sports into the mainstream.

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