Virtual Game Hands On Rez Infinite Virtual Reality Headsets


Virtual Games Rez Infinite Overview When the original Rez Infinite virtual game came out back in 2001, not everyone understood what the game producer trying to do with the game. In old days VR technology was bulky, blurry, and slow. It was clear the technology wasn’t ready yet. An increasing number of fans called the virtual game a kind of visionary. Now the game is introduced to a whole new generation of PlayStation hardware. Young virtual game players seem don’t quite fit the traditional molds. Now the game is available on Sony Play Station platforms. Rez virtual game was released at a time when most home console games were played on small 4:3 ratio tube TV devices. Rez Infinite is played on a PS4, especially in VR modes that the

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Virtual Gaming Harmonix’s crazy Hands on testing


Virtual Gaming Harmonix’s crazy Introduction Harmonix Music Systems recently has created a Harmonix Music virtual gaming App for Sony PlayStation VR headset. It’s really a good sound for virtual gaming music lovers. Users can experience transcendental virtual gaming. Currently the demo version of the App was just like the old music visualizers were on the original Xbox virtual gaming platforms.  Virtual Gaming Harmonix’s crazy Hands on testing Harmonix Music virtual gaming works with any types of song in your Sony PlayStation music list. Firstly players started out on a beach on an alien planet. Players can choose up to four different virtual gaming scenes for your to enjoy the game. The beach scene in this game was good for meditation. The pure hippie experience, which was called The

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Virtual Reality Games Huge Chances in 2016


Virtual Reality Games What is hot For the year 2016 E3 event, two high-end virtual reality headsets: the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, are on sale for some small market. The launch of PlayStation VR will open up the medium to potentially millions of PlayStation 4 virtual reality games players. Oculus company is supposedly releasing its Touch motion controllers in 2016 in order to make a more impressive VR headset. Star Trek series virtual reality games is now available on sale for all the three VR platforms. Virtual Reality Games Brands Comparison Sony VR Sony’s VR headset has the benefit of being comfortable and easy to clean. However, the company facing technological problems about running on a lower-powered machine in a slightly lower

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Kepard How to use Guide and Tips Wireless Technology


Kepard How to use Guide Introduction Kepard, which launched in 2012, is a premium VPN service provider operating offshore to offer customers with leading online identity protection. The company also provides the power to unblock any website in global internet. It seems that players who use Mac and Apple devices will have less to get excited about. However, Windows or Android system users will appreciate some most user friendly VPN software. Kepard is now available in some EU countries such as the UK, France and Germany. Kepard allows for two devices to connect simultaneously and for some locations it even allows P2P and torrent traffic. The website design clean and the whole registration and setup was quick and easy. Kepard Features Kepard set no limit to

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Driverless Car BMW Intel and Mobileye Technology


Driverless Car Introduction Currently the Germany headquarter of BMW company is cooperating with Intel and Mobileye to develop brand new Driverless Car for the auto industry, which is planed to be released around 2021. Automakers largely dictating Driverless Car terms for suppliers to manufacture their Driverless Car at specified amounts and prices. Technology managers from Intel company believed that high Driverless Car will require powerful and reliable electronic brains to make them smart enough to navigate traffic and avoid accidents. Car producers are increasingly striking up partnerships with technology firms using open technology standards, searching for harness their expertise in areas including machine learning and mapping as they race against Silicon Valley companies like Google or Apple. Driverless Car New Innovation Sophisticated controlling Driverless Car systems already enable

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Airbnb Rental Law Issues from San Francisco


Airbnb Rental Law What Happened It seems that recently Airbnb has in trouble. The rental service company filed a lawsuit against San Francisco city to block new amendments to a rental law. The law ask Airbnb to remove hosts from lists that haven’t been registered yet. If Airbnb rejected to follow the city law it could lead to criminal charges. Well the online digital rental services Apps have great impact on traditional hotels or taxi transport sector. Similar, another famous startup Uber has settled two class action lawsuits that will let its drivers to be independent contractors. Airbnb company further stated that Airbnb Rental Law violates federal laws, which includes Communications Act etc. Airbnb Rental Law Discussions Some reporters argued that Airbnb has tried to cooperate with San Francisco to their flawed new ordinance. However,

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Facebook 360 camera 360 Degree Video Shooting


Facebook 360 camera Design and Overview Recently Facebook announced its brand new camera with 360 degrees. It seems a response for Oculus Rift brand. The Facebook 360 camera has a sleek design. It is futuristic from the photos and open-sourced. In my opinion the most important and impressive factor of the Facebook 360 camera is its design, which is close to some Android system devices brands like Nokia. The photos from different smart devices can be stitched together into one spherical type of media. What’s more, the Facebook 360 camera has a total number of 17 camera rig with 14 of them around in a ring. Facebook 360 camera vs Google Users can use the Facebook 360 camera to easily take pictures or shoot videos, and then use Facebook related software to

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UK leaves EU Brexit What Happens to UK Technology Sector


UK leaves EU What will happen next   Probably the most shocking news for the past few days is that UK leaves EU. A large number of technology enterprises have to decide for the future business plans. Share price of technology firms, such as TalkTalk and Sage, has decreased considerably. Both employees and customers have been plucked from EU member states due to UK leaves EU. A report from the TechUK institution argued that without the benefits of EU membership, the UK needs to be at its very best to succeed. However, things may be even harder than imagined. So far, EU funding has benefit lots of technology firms in the UK, especially start-ups. UK leaves EU Different Views Some researchers concern that the

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YouTube VR headset Virtual Reality Headset App


YouTube VR What is the plan At the end of Oct 2016, Google company intends to announce the fall a version of its YouTube VR app designed for virtual reality technology. The app allows users to strap on a head-mounted display to view conventional clips and 360 degree videos for a quite impressive 3D experience. In the near future I think users can watch films on YouTube via a VR headset thanks to Google’s innovation. Since the YouTube VR technology, aburgeoning trend that has captivated the VR industry through its ability to transport users into totally different digital worlds. YouTube, which is the most popular worldwide online video platform, potentially spurs its millions of viewers to try out YouTube VR headsets just as artists begin

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Microsoft VR Headset VR Market Competition


Microsoft VR Headset HoloLens According to a recent report from Microsoft, its HoloLens VR Headset has not ready for the market competition yet. Microsoft argued that Windows Holographic, the special version of Windows that powers its Microsoft VR HoloLens 3D glasses, won’t be unique design any longer. Microsoft will bring all features of VR headsets to the regular versions of Windows 10 for headset manufacturers to build their own headsets for devices using Microsoft’s operating systems for the upcoming years. It seems that the enterprise doesn’t plan to build a traditional virtual reality glasses. The release date of augmented reality (AR) headgear has not clear so far. Instead, Microsoft will use both VR and AR to influence market. Microsoft VR Market Competition Microsoft VR can harness the excitement right away even

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