Top budget tablets CHUWI® HiBook Quad Core 16% OFF


Top budget tablets CHUWI® HiBook Technological Overview Recently I ordered a CHUWI®® HiBook top budget tablets. It has Trail Z8300 quad core with 1.84GHz processor speed. The touch screen is around 10.1 inches based on multi-point design. Hence you can put down all your fingers on the screen to control the interface. The display resolution is 1920 times 1200 pixels, which is more clear than the 1080P quality. The RAM is 4GB, while the ROM is 64GB. Its appearance is lightweight ultra-thin metal with CNC cutting technology. The OGS Display enhancement technology is also used in the top budget tablets for IPS retina display. It has dual cameras with 2MP for the front one and 5MP for the back one. A series of

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Projector Tablet Q888 WiFi Quad Core 5500 mAh Battery


Projector Tablet Q888 Technological Overview   This Q888 mode smart projector tablet can work with Tablet PC or DLP Projector. It can be used for business meetings, family or school class education, or home based gaming and movie activities. Its resolution can be up to 1920*1080 pixels. Well you may heard about some HD quality smart home projector with 720 pixels resolution. However, 720p is not FULL HD. HD quality only starts from 1080 pixels. The projector tablet has 50 lumens brightness and it is based on Android 5.1 system. It also supports WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connection. You can setup software or games on the projector tablet. Projector Tablet Q888 Features System Performance The projector tablet has Rockchips ARM RK3288 Quad-core A17 CPU and Android 5.1.1 OS. The

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Tablet Teclast X80 Pro Quad Core IPS Screen 4K Video HDMI


Tablet Teclast X80 Pro Introudction   Nowadays different brands of tablet have been come to worldwide markets. It seems that we are witnessing a new Era of advanced technology and gadgets. It makes me feel just a few years ago when we were using those small mobile phones with only few functions such as phone calls. We now have Windows and Android installed in a Tablet. The Chinese enterprise, Teclast, is launching budget and all-round Tablets. Teclast does not only focus on single category of technology gadgets. Let’s check together for the Teclast X80 Pro tablet. Tablet Teclast X80 Pro System Performance   Teclast X80 Pro operates based on Android 5.1 or Windows 10 systems. During tests we found that the tablet could auto

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Chuwi Tablet Hi12 64Bit BT4.0 New Arrival 30% OFF!

Chuwi Tablet

Chuwi Tablet Introduction Chuwi is a high value tablet deal compared to its similar brands. Although its price is considerably cheaper than other brands, Chuwi Tablet Hi12 model still has excellent functions and would be a quite good alternative to Apple or Microsoft tablet if you wanna try some new taste. This review will go through details in all-round technological aspects based on using experience for your order reference. Chuwi Tablet Connectivity&Design Chuwi Hi12 model has high quality aluminum case and very susceptible to scratches. Its stability is really good and the operating noise is very low under strong pressure. No gap is between its display and glass. Chuwi tablet Hi12 has multiple and various ports that provide users with

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