Tablet Keyboard CHUWI® Portable Separable FREE Delivery


Tablet Keyboard CHUWI® Introduction With the passage of time, portability of items became a thing for people around the world. Much of the stuff being used by people today is not technologically new. These technologies have existed for decades now. The main thing that engineers have worked on in the past couple of decades is compactness and portability. Smartphones have become the most favorite thing for individuals in all parts of the world because it feels like carrying a computer in your pocket. Desktop computers first turned into laptops and now they have turned into tablets. Tablet Keyboard CHUWI® Hands on Testing In simple words, tablets are nothing but more compact and portable form of laptops. They make use of

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Keyboard Instrument Portable 61 Keys USB MIDI Warranty


Keyboard Instrument Technological Overview The keyboard instrument has connectivity for USB and MIDI ports. It is Roll-Up design. It has 61 keys. So for portable keyboard instrument most producers prefer 49 keys, 61 keys and 88 keys. A few companies may producing 37 keys, so that’s really basic ones. Just like many other budget keyboard instrument, this one can be rolled-up so easy to carry. You can record your songs and then edit it on external devices like laptops via USB connectivity. Generally the keyboard instrument is compatible with a series of operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, Mac OSX, or some music software such as Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo etc. Keyboard Instrument Comparison Well, I have tested and write a number

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Portable Piano Flexible Electronic Portable 61 Keys Warranty


Portable Piano Features Overview This portable piano has 61 keys and is hand-carried, and it can be rolled up for storage in my carrying case. Overall it has 128 tone functions and 128 rhythm songs. You can also find 40 demo songs in the portable piano for music tests. The music recording can be up to 338 notes. It supports MIDI and USB connectivity ports for connecting external devices like laptops or desktops. The built-in speaker also can be connected to additional speakers. A power adopter is included in its package. Portable Piano Testing Experience The portable piano was delivered on time and in perfect shape. The box looked good. After plugging it in and using it for hours non-stop, I

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Electric keyboard piano Portable 49 Keys $15 Warranty


Electric keyboard piano Technological Overview   The electric keyboard piano is lightweight and meticulous design. It has 49 soft standard keys which include standard piano key 1 octave. You can clearly see different options like rhythm, drum, sound effects, chords and learning function keys on its front cover. For those who love drum, the electric keyboard piano has 8 modes for drums that are set on individual key. It also has buttons for rhythm controlling and power saving. For music beginners, the electric keyboard piano has up to 6 demo songs so you can practice with them by recording or playback your songs. It also has a built-in speaker which is fully adjustable. You can see a power adapter and a 3.5mm

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Waterproof Keyboard Portable Mini Flexible Washable


Waterproof Keyboard Technological Overview The waterproof keyboard is based on silica gel and ergonomics design. You can wash it and it can be rolled up for storage. It is also lightweight with only around 180g. Ideally it is good for travelling. I hardly heard any noise when typing on it. The waterproof keyboard also requires no pairing software or devices, so it is simple to setup. Its wireless connectivity range is up to around 10.2 meters with anti-jamming technology. Also a USB receiver is included in its package box. Waterproof Keyboard Testing Experience The waterproof keyboard came in well packaged. The keyboard comes with a wireless receiver that plugs into the USB port of whichever device you are using it with.

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Multimedia Keyboard 2.4G Optical Wireless with Mouse


Multimedia Keyboard Features Overview This multimedia keyboard is based on wireless design with a mini optical mouse. It is used for 2.4GHz speed wireless connection. The keyboard also contains a series of hot keys to increase typing efficiency. Its working distance can be up to 10 meters and the multimedia keyboard will be automatically switch to sleep mode when I was left the desk. One thing you should consider when using the keyboard. Its type is American layout, so may not fit for British style. What’s more a USB receiver is also included in the package box. Both the multimedia keyboard and mouse need two AAA-typed batteries, but batteries are not included in its package box. If in the case of non-working, just

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Slim Keyboard 2.4GHz Ultrathin Wireless with Mouse $11


Slim Keyboard Technological Features Overview The slim keyboard is based on wireless design and you can also find a mouse in its package box. It has compact size and light weight, so makes me feel really easy to use in my bedroom or office. According to the official technological features, the mouse is adopted infrared AVL technology, so it has strong adaptive surface ability and smooth surface. Both the slim keyboard and the mouse are not disturbed mutually. Individual network ID, which can be automatically matched, is set for the slim keyboard and mouse. Also if I left my seat for a while the keyboard would be automatically switched into sleep mode. Slim Keyboard Typing Testing The keys are spaced the same as my normal

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Budget Gaming keyboard REDRAGON® Switchable Warranty


Budget Gaming keyboard REDRAGON® Technological Overview The professional budget gaming keyboard has overall 7 switchable back light colors with 4 levels of brightness. It supports input speed adjusting for two level for speed up and speed down. Some keys have same functions for different directions like W,A,S,D. Also for buttons F1 to F12 are based on multi-media design. There is also no conflict among letter keys and functional keys such as Alt-L, Ctrl-L or Shift-L. Its 3.5mm USB braided cable has fast speed transmission with high stability. You can use the USB interface without the need to install the drive and software. The budget gaming keyboard also has laser engraved characters and cholocate style keycaps, so it is easy for your to play games in dark

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