What Can You Make with A 3D Printer

If you have a 3D printer, what do you want to print with it? Maybe many friends want to print a person who is exactly like yourselves. Print a house, mom no longer has to worry about soaring housing prices!

3D printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, based on computer 3D digital models, through 3D printers, plastics, ceramics, metals, and other materials that are stacked, polymerized, and melted layer by layer to construct three-dimensional objects. This digital manufacturing mode does not require complicated processes and large machine tools, and can directly generate objects of any shape through computer 3D data.













3D printers are actually similar to our usual printers, except that the printed materials are different. We can print the physical model we want: in industrial manufacturing, we can make prototypes of molds, print molds, and directly print products; artistic props with complex shapes and structures and special materials; parts with complex shapes, fine sizes, and special properties; Artificial bones, teeth, hearing aids, artificial limbs; jewelry, clothing, footwear, toys, creative DIY design, and manufacturing, etc., in short, 3D printers can print everything you can think of.

Print medical products

In a special 3D product, in a 3D human brain model, the tumor in the right brain is clearly visible. The model is printed out of a hospital’s diagnosis. Doctors can understand the tumor more intuitively through this model, which provides a good reference for preparing for surgery. In the future, human organs can be printed by 3D printers for medical applications, and in manufacturing, machine parts such as gears printed by 3D printers can be used directly.











Print Food

Flowers and portraits printed from chocolate materials are not only ornamental but can also be eaten directly.











Print A Pair of High Heels















Print an Apple 12 Mobile Phone

But what can be printed out can only be a mobile phone model with exactly the same appearance and internal structure, and it cannot be used because the items printed by the 3D printer are currently only a model.

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