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Dodocool Power Bank Features Overview

Smartphone manufacturers have done a great job of making smartphones what they are today. They have great cameras, huge storage capacities, blazing fast processors and whopping 4GB to 6GB RAMs. However, there is one area about which their customers have been complaining for quite some time now. It’s the low performance of their batteries. While they are making their batteries bigger on new phones, the screen brightness and other factors drain the battery faster than one can imagine. The best solution for smartphone users for their constantly dying batteries is the power banks.


Dodocool Power Bank Testing

Power banks are like spare batteries but in a better form and shape. While they are meant for a simple purpose for charging smartphone and similar devices, there is a lot of stuff that you need to consider before you buy one. The first thing you need to look at is the price. The price of your power bank will depend on its capacity, which is the second most important thing. Dodocool Power banks are available with different capacities. They can be as small as having a charge storage capacity of just 2500mAh and as big as 20000mAh or even more.


The capacity of dodocool power bank should depend on how you use your phone and how big of a battery there is on your phone. If you have a phone with 3000mAh or 35000mAh battery, you would want your power bank to provide you with at least 2 full charges. This is why you would want to pick one with at least 7000mAh capacity. Next thing you need to look at is the charging speed of the dodocool power bank. Power banks are available with varying charging speeds. If your phone has a big battery you would want a power bank that charges fast.


You don’t want to keep charging your phone for 3 hours with a power bank because that will just kill the purpose of the dodocool power bank. With fast charging speeds your phone should get charged in less than 2 hours even if it has a big 3000mAh battery. The charging time of your power bank is also an important thing. If it has a huge capacity of 10000mAh, you can already imagine how long it will take for your power bank to charge fully. In this case, find the dodocool power bank that charges fast and is ready to be used in 3 to 4 hours of charging.


Dodocool Power Bank Final Words

Next important thing is the weight and size of your dodocool power bank. The bigger the capacity the heavier and bigger the power bank will be. This is why you have to find a balance between the capacity you want on your power bank and its size. Another thing you could focus on is the number of devices that your dodocool power bank can charge simultaneously. Some power banks will charge even 3 devices at the same time. It is best that power bank is small enough to be carried in your pocket just like your smartphone.


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