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Fish Eye Lens Overview

The world of photography is beautiful. Photographers are the people who bring the beauty, mysteriousness and treasures of the world to the public. The world is already taking great pictures with smartphones, but a professional photographer can do what untrained people can’t. Photographers understand the depth of photography and they look at a picture like most people don’t. This is why they have professional setups for taking pictures and not just the latest smartphone with some 23MP camera. In their huge photography setup, they will almost always have a Fish eye lens – a lens that mimics the fish’s eye.

Fish eye lens

Fish Eye Lens Technological Features

The Fish eye lens will cover 180-degree angle when you take the picture. You must have seen a large number of photos of dogs taken with Fish eye lens on the internet. The easy way to notice a picture taken with Fish eye lens is to see the fish eye effect in the picture. The Fish eye lens in the pictures is when you see the corners of the pictures curved or rounded. The middle part looks broader than it is and the corners of the picture look warped. Some people might see it as a negative aspect of the camera but for professionals, this is what makes Fish eye lens different.

Fish eye lens

With a Fish eye lens you have a huge field of view. In simple words, you can see a lot of stuff in one picture because of the angle that fish eye lens covers. For example, with a normal smartphone camera you might be able to fit in 10 people in one picture, but from the same distance you could fit in 20 people using a fish eye lens. Fish eye lens are also loved by photographers for producing some of the best close-up shots. If you are about to go on journey of close-up photography, have a fish eye lens added to your setup.

Fish eye lens

Since they cover more in the picture, fish eye lenses are often used for taking panorama photos. Photographers will take multiple photos of an area and then stitch those pictures together to give a panoramic picture. With other cameras you will have to take tons of photos. With a fish eye lens you can create the panorama image with fewer pictures. Sports photography is also amazing with fish eye lens. Another area where photographers have always preferred fish eye lens over any other regular lens is the underwater photography. Most of the underwater pictures you see are taken with fish eye len.

Fish eye lens

Fish Eye Lens Final Thoughts

Fish eye lens are small in size and their compact versions are now easily available online. The good part about them is that they are not as expensive as some other rectangular lenses out there. Now, as for the fish eye effect in the pictures, you can always remove this effect if you don’t like it in some photos. There are thousands of software that will let you take your pictures to make them look normal. If you like to take pictures in small space then fish eye lens will be a perfect addition to your setup because you could just insert your lens in a window and take the picture of the whole room with it.


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