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Meizu MX5 Introudction

The more you read about Meizu MX5 the more you fall in love with this phone. Meizu MX5 is as if the company took its time to look for the best of everything that could go on a phone and then found some way to put it all in one place without charging its customers a ridiculous price. Meizu MX5 looks perfect with round corners and a display that has extremely small side bezels – so small you can almost ignore them. There is a physical home button on the front and the volume and power buttons are located on the side.

Meizu MX5

Meizu MX5 Hands on Testing

Meizu MX5 is different in that it offers you a completely different experience with a unique Flyme 4.5 operating system. If you are a person who likes to try out new things and you have already used Android and iOS, this is the perfect phone for you. The Helio X10 2.2GHz processor with its 8 cores can deliver the performance you expect only from the most expensive flagship smartphones from the best companies of the world. Some more boost has been added to the performance of this phone with 3GB of RAM.

Meizu MX5

The internal storage capacity of Meizu MX5 is 16GB. The back camera on Meizu MX5 is a beast at 20.7MP. Having a 21MP camera on your phone means you could easily beat your friends whenever they feel like comparing the quality of pictures taken from their phones and yours. There is also a 5MP camera on the front to take your Instagram and Facebook shots. Flashlight allows you to take good pictures in dark conditions and fast auto-focus makes sure you take perfect shots every time you take on. You can insert 2 SIMs on this Meizu MX5 and it has the dual standby option as well.

Meizu MX5

The display on Meizu MX5 is a big 5.5-inch and with a full HD display you can always enjoy the best colors and life of your pictures and photos. Now, the most amazing part about its screen is that Meizu MX5 is an AMOLED screen. AMOLED is currently the best display technology in the world in terms of its brightness, color vividness and battery consumption. Despite having an AMOLED panel Meizu MX5 has a huge 3150mAh battery that will last you a day easily and will still have enough juice at night for you to do some more instant messaging.

Meizu MX5

Meizu MX5

Meizu MX5 Final Thoughts

Having such a big battery requires a lot of time to charge. To get rid of this problem Meizu has gone with the quick charge technology. What this means is that your battery should be fully charged in a little over 1 hour. Furthermore, Meizu MX5 even has the fingerprint sensor feature. Now you can keep your data on your phone without worrying that someone would get access to it by trying out a few overly used patterns. While Meizu MX5 might not have the option for an external memory card, it does have 32GB and 64GB variants for you to pick.


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