HOMTOM HT10 Smartphone 5.5″ 1080P 4GB RAM 21MP Camera

HOMTOM HT10 Smartphone Introduction


HOMTOM, which is a young smartphone producer, has just released a few modes such as HOMTOM HT7 Pro or HOMTOM HT3. HOMTOM HT10 is again a budget 4G phone with all-round functions. Let’s check what can we get this time.


HOMTOM HT10 Smartphone Design

HOMTOM HT10 has 5.5 inches screen and it looks quite different from past HOMTOM smartphone modes. HOMTOM HT10 has a edge that is made of Titanium magnesium alloy. HOMTOM HT10 looks overall shine and smooth for its CNC craftsmanship. Its screen can fit with my palm. It performs very fluently and clearly video quality on its FHD technology screen during our tests.


HOMTOM HT10 Smartphone CPU

It is powered by MTK6797 Deca core Helio X20 processor. So far just a few Chinese smartphone producers have MTK6797 Deca core Helio X20 processor, so HOMTOM HT10 mode is one of  the top 10 in terms of MTK6797 Deca core smartphone. MTK6797 Helio X20 offers three processors clusters, which is good for multi-apps operations. It also has RAM 4GB and ROM 32GB to double the speed for gaming etc. You can expand its storage up to 128 GB by additional cards.


HOMTOM HT10 Smartphone Camera

I think for HOMTOM HT10, its camera is the spotlight. It can offer up to 21MP rear cameras with autofocus flashlight function ! You can clearly identify sharp photo quality by using its 21MP rear one. Also we met few white balance and lags issues during shooting. If you were looking for a very professional camera, you should look elsewhere, but if you wanna a smartphone with adequate photo shooting and selfie photos, HOMTOM HT10 mode is a really good option.

HOMTOM HT10 Smartphone Battery

HOMTOM HT10 has 3200mAh capacity battery. Although HOMTOM HT10 doesn’t have large battery capacity, 3200mAh battery is adequate for daily use and standby. During our tests the phone can run around 6 and a half hours without stuck. High quality display gaming will consume most of its battery capacity, and that’s true for most smartphone modes.


HOMTOM HT10 Smartphone Features

HOMTOM runs the latest Android6.0 Marshmallow OS operating system so as to provide the most convenient UI. It also supports the 2nd generation Iris recognition, and so far such technology is only used by Samsung smartphones. The phone can be unlocked quickly by Iris scanner. It has smart gestures and wake gesture for quick access to Apps. Global 4G network of the phone can be used for example in Europe, America or even Africa.


HOMTOM HT10 Smartphone Final Thoughts

HOMTOM HT10 is unique in many ways. It is good and similar to many other Chinese brands such as Elephone or UMI,Xiaomi. You can download your favorite apps through the Google Play Store. Its stated ROM storage shows the maximum available ROM with nothing installed. However, the Android or Windows systems from the manufacturer will occupy some of this ROM. Just make sure all these storage figures to be adequate for all of your Apps, videos or photos etc. when using the phone.

HOMTOM HT10 Smartphone Package List

1 * Battery
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Charging Cable
1 * Screen Protector
1 * Phone Cover
1 * Use Manual in English


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