HOMTOM HT7 PRO 4G 13MP Smart Gestures $86 FREE Delivery

HOMTOM HT7 PRO Introduction

Smartphones are getting better and better with time. As the time passes, more and more people around the world are getting their hands on the best smartphones. People who have used flagship phones will never want to go back to other phones because of the compromise on specifications. However, there are people who don’t have such huge amount of money to buy such expensive phones but they don’t want to spend their money on some product that delivers absolutely no performance. That’s where HOMTOM HT7 PRO comes in the picture as a perfect option for people who want a great phone at an affordable price.



System Performance

HOMTOM HT7 PRO is a smartphone that offers you all that you want from any best smartphone at a price that sounds unbelievable when you read it for the first time. Of course, for a price that stays well below $100 you will think you are going to get some subpar product. That’s not the case at all with HOMTOM HT7 PRO. This phone offers you everything amazing that a flagship smartphone holds. First, you get Android 5.1 operating system so you can enjoy the best of what Android has to offer. Furthermore, HOMTOM HT7 PRO has a powerful quad core processor to handle any task easily.


There is no compromise on its performance and that’s why it comes with 1GB of RAM. Ask any expert and they will tell you that 4GB of RAM on most expensive smartphones contributes nothing to their performance. HOMTOM HT7 PRO also comes with 8GB of internal memory for you to install your favorite applications. Of course, this space is not enough for any modern smartphone user and that’s why HOMTOM HT7 PRO comes with the ability for you to add an external card of up to 64GB. Now you will never run out of space while shooting videos or taking pictures.


Design & Camera

HOMTOM HT7 PRO has a big 5.5 inch screen with multi-touch features. Dual SIM option is something that almost everyone is looking for these days but most of the expensive phones don’t come with that option. HOMTOM HT7 PRO on the other hand offers you the dual SIM option as well so you can have your personal and work SIM both in the same phone. There is a powerful 8MP camera on the back to take great shots and a 5MP camera on the front to have video chats and take amazing selfies. There is also a flashlight feature to take pictures in the dark.


HOMTOM HT7 PRO Final Thoughts

The body of HOMTOM HT7 PRO is made of plastic but the texture on its back provides perfect grip to the holder. The design of this phone is minimalistic with volume rockers and power button on the side and just the camera and flash on the back. While other smartphones are disappointing their users with small batteries, this amazing HOMTOM HT7 PRO has a huge 3000mAh battery so you can spend a whole day without recharging the phone. HOMTOM HT7 PRO is available in two colors: black and white. The design of the phone is very decent with no physical home button on the front.


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