Bluetooth Gloves with Mic Unisex Global Delivery

Bluetooth Gloves Features & Overview

The pair of acrylic yarn and metallic fabric made Bluetooth Gloves can be used for picking up calls or dial-back without removing it from your hands. It only fits Bluetooth 3.0 version, but it could also be used for smartphones or tablets with touch screen features. The built-in speaker of the Bluetooth Gloves is on the thumb of the left glove whereas its micro is on little finger. There’s also one USB cable included in the package box of the Bluetooth Gloves. Well, overall the pair of Bluetooth Gloves weights around 60g, so just like normal gloves. After fully charged the rechargeable lithium battery of the Bluetooth Gloves can be used to talk up to 9 hours. The charging time didn’t take me so long, just about 2 and a half hours. Its Bluetooth range is up to 10 meters, so any area within this length is OK for connectivity.

Bluetooth Gloves

Bluetooth Gloves Hands on

Pairing & Answering calls

The pairing process of the Bluetooth Gloves is simple to follow. For the first time I pressed and held its power button for around 5 seconds and then I saw its LED light went on. Then I searched the device on my smartphone and connected them together. If I needed to pick up calls, I just need to press its answering button, but for rejecting calls it took me a few seconds longer to press the answering button. You can dial back by pressing again the answering button, or even adjust your sound volume. However, you cannot make a call via the pair of gloves.

Bluetooth Gloves

Weak points & Sound quality

Overall the sound is good, especially considering it’s coming out of your thumb, and the sound was also good on the other end of the call. I do not need to take my gloves off every single time I received a call. The Bluetooth Gloves were comfortable and the fit was great. However,  the Bluetooth Gloves made me feel a little hard to find its buttons that underneath the fabric, since the fabric slips of the Bluetooth Gloves around on the plastic thing inside.

Bluetooth Gloves

Bluetooth Gloves Final Thoughts

Nevertheless, I think the Bluetooth Gloves is a cool idea new product. It makes me think of some kind of agent stuff in 007 series movies, like when James was on holiday and suddenly he got a call from the BOSS and then he just spoke a few words to his Bluetooth Gloves ! or fingers ?? That’s really cool. Bluetooth Gloves is a pretty new product, so some problems at the beginning aren’t that surprising. I checked some video guides on YouTube just to make sure I got the right setup process to pair my iPhone.

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