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Zombie Riot VR Gaming E3 Event


It seems that there is no more competitive market for burgeoning Zombie Riot game producers than the mobile gaming. So far over millions of potential customers gaming on operating devices such as Android, iOS or Windows. PlaySide VR was created to seize the chance to utilizing a zombie-based wave shooter known as ZR: Zombie Riot. At this year’s Sony E3 event, consumers got the chance to go hands-on with their first VR titles. ZR: Zombie Riot has no plans of remaining exclusive to the Oculus Rift using the Touch controllers, that is where the game will be launching later in 2016.

Zombie Riot

Zombie Riot VR Gaming Experience

The biggest problem is that I found a number of occasions if I turned around to look behind me, that my controllers would lose tracking. Actually, it is not a big deal, since this is mainly due to the default side-by-side placement of the Zombie Riot VR cameras as presumably the issue would be resolved if they were placed opposite one another like many other famous VR platforms. I feel overall good to use my touch controllers to make it very easy to jump around.

Zombie Riot

What’more, for the demo version, I was easily knocking down targets. I also got a large number of Zombie Riot headshots. So far crafting system seems to be the most considerable difference. The demo version only consisted of a few waves because the weapon modification features weren’t available yet. Generally most items in the environment can be combined with others to create weapons in Zombie Riot VR gaming. I think PlaySide team has given some good examples  of dousing a teddy bear in gasoline to be a pseudo-molotov cocktail.

Zombie Riot

Zombie Riot VR Gaming Final Thoughts


PlaySide VR doesn’t have a release date for Zombie Riot yet. It depends on when the Oculus Touch controllers will release later in 2016. However, they are intending to be a launch title for the device. I am looking forward to see more VR games like the ZR: Zombie Riot in order to know about the full Zombie Riot functions. PlaySide VR company is in negotiations with Hollywood studios regarding bringing well-known movie properties into the VR world. One possible way is to leverage their stable of contacts from experience with licensed smartphone games.

Zombie Riot


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