CUBOT Smartphone X11 Android 4.4 5.5 inch

Have you ever heard of Cubot? Coubt is a popular smartphone brand. In recent years, the Cubot Smartphone Manufacturer launched a number of new products, CUBOT X11 Smartphone is one of the attracting ones.

CUBOT smartphone


CUBOT Smartphone Beautiful Design


The CUBOT X11 Smartphone has a beautiful design. It is the best phone I’ve ever owned. The smartphone can be called the slimmest waterproof smartphone. It is not only waterproof but also thin. It has 5.5 inch JDI IPS Incell, and the screen is 1280*720 HD resolution. Hence it will be able to offer you ultimate experience in exquisite field of vision.

CUBOT smartphone
With its higher color saturation display screen, it makes exquisite and vivid details. Its brightness is 17% higher than that of iphone 5s, which probably be a nice feature attracting all girls.

CUBOT smartphone

CUBOT Smartphone Intelligent Camera

Thanks to the 13.0 megapixel Sony IMX214 camera with its quick focus function, it can be able to bring brilliant picture to its lovely owners. It also has intelligent backlight control function and an extra long battery life for up to two days. 10 points for Touchscreen and build-in IR control funtion, CUBOT X11 Smartphone is the perfect partner for anytime and anywhere.CUBOT smartphone
Priced around 114 pounds, the CUBOT X11 Smartphone is quite surprising. Its mid-range chip makes more affordable cost and combined with the attractive design.  Go through your life sharply and stylish with Cubot X11 smartphone right now! CUBOT smartphone

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