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Sports Earphone KKMOON® Technological Features

If you are facing any troubles in listening to calls while driving or walking or doing any task then this product is specially designed for you. The In-Ear sports earphone is designed especially for those people who work on their phones and have to listen to calls all the time.

sports earphone

Unique Design

The in-ear sports earphone is portable, light weight and sweat proof. The sports earphone works on Bluetooth. This Bluetooth enabled rechargeable ear phones are made from sleek, hard plastic and are unbreakable and stainless.

Smart Working

The sports earphone comes with built in Bluetooth software and charging cable. The sports earphone works on Bluetooth 4.1 version and gives is users indescribable smart experiences like never before. 4.1 version makes this sports earphone a better hearing device then many other with same quality in the market so this earphone is way better than its competitors. This sports earphone can connect 2 Bluetooth devices in the same time.

All in One Package

This unique, powerful Bluetooth earphone device is not only a hearing device, in fact it is a complete package. The sports earphone is multi functioned and performs almost all the tasks necessary for a device like this. Its basic functions include Microphone, answering phone, music, Bluetooth, noise cancelling, etc.

Innovative Technology

The Bluetooth enabled in-ear sports earphone has given its customers an experience like never before. Working on Bluetooth version 4.1, it uses Bluetooth profiles HEP1.6, SHP1.2, AVRCP1.4, and A2DP1.2. The average range of this earphone is 10 meters so you don’t have to sit around your phone all the time and you can listen to your calls or can enjoy music even when the phone is on charge. This smart sports earphone uses CVC6.0 noise reduction software and has a built-in 70mAh rechargeable battery with up to 120 hours standby time and 4 hours continuous music playback time.


This sports earphone is compatible with any Bluetooth supported device known. So you can enjoy music on your laptop as well as answer important calls on your mobile phone.

 sports earphone

Sports Earphone KKMOON® Testing


  • ALL In One Entertainment: This ear phone includes a USB charger, an ear hook and a user manual if you buy it right away on internet. The all in one package is available with exclusive discount offers so it is worth spending your money when it comes to smart shopping.
  • Powerful Companion: As written above, this earphone device is all you need when it comes to device compatibility, price and durability. Working on Bluetooth 4.1v, this smart piece of technology is one of its kind. And with its 10m range, you can carry the sports earphone anywhere you can. This product is safe for international travel as well so stop thinking and give this product a try.
  • You Can’t Just Lose It: with built-in Bluetooth software, it is impossible to just lose this sports earphone, turn its Bluetooth on with the facility buttons on it, and search the sports earphone with any Bluetooth enabled device if you can’t find it. You can also search your smart device by just turning the Bluetooth of earphone on.


  • Standard Size: One of the disadvantages of this sports earphone is that it comes in standard size and design. It just doesn’t fit in some ears. There are no sizes available in this product which has led customers to think before spend. But to decrease this problem, the product comes with additional ear buds and silicon pieces to satisfy the customers.

 sports earphonesports earphone

Sports Earphone KKMOON® Conclusion

To be honest about this in ear sports earphone, this is one product you should look for when it comes to spending smart. It is a brand new concept of technology and its worth your money!


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