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Charging Cable Technological Features

Sleek/ portable design

Looking for a smart charging equipment to charge your device on the go? This sleek and compact design micro charging cable comes with many functions and is easy to use with mobile phones, tablets, and IPOD.

The magnetic connector makes it fun to use

Ever thought about your phone being charged by magnetic connector? Well, micro charger is made up of POGO cable which uses a magnetic connector with the base connector.  The micro charger is made solely to provide you with safety, now you don’t have to pick your phone up to plug it in, just hover the charging cable near your phone and it will plug itself. So far it is the only charging cable in the market with a feature of the magnetic connector and hence it is unique equipment in this perspective.

Charging Cable

Quick charging

The magnetic connector of the cable makes it quicker to charge your device. The normal chargers work at 0.5A electric current range but due to its sleek design and high-quality material this cable works with any charger up to 2.4A electric current.


This sleek designed micro charging cable is ideal for any smart device as it is not only a charging cable but also a data transfer cable and dust plug. Hence this smart microdevice is the multi-tasking device you need for your device.

Easy to handle

The smart, sleek charging cable is easy to handle as it has detachable magnetic connector hence decreasing abrasion during inserting and plugging out the cable. It is made of high-quality material and unwinding cable which adds the flexibility and 1 m long cable makes it usable easily.

Charging Cable

Charging Cable Hands on Testing


  • The multi-tasking micro charger is compatible with power banks so you can charge your phone on the go.
  • Almost every smart phone brand is compatible with this unique charging device, so it is no more a concern if you own Samsung or HTC you can use it easily.
  • The magnetic connector has made it easy to charge and you have no longer a need to search for the charger, this magnetic charger will search your device and plugs itself.
  • High-quality metal and soft flexible cord has make this device durable and long lasting


  • This micro charger comes with 1 meter long cord which makes it difficult to use at long distances.
  • As the charging cable can operate up to 2A electric current, it is not much energy efficient as many other chargers.
  • Although it’s fast charging equipment, but when attached to another charger with low energy compatibility, the micro charger slows down the charging of your device.

Charging Cable

Charging Cable Conclusion

Summing up, the micro charging cable is a whole new innovation and simple to use equipment to charge and to transfer data from your smart devices. The most affordable advanced technology charging cable is one in all package, it is durable so you don’t have to buy chargers all the time. Used with care, this charging cable can minimize all your charging issues and make your smart devices more durable than ever.


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