CUBOT X15 4G 5.5″ 16MP Camera Quad Core Global Delivery

CUBOT X15 Features Overview

There is always that one particular feature on every flagship smartphone that sets it apart from the rest of the phones. But what if you could have a phone whose every feature is an amazing feature? Cubot X15 is a smartphone that has been designed by intelligent minds. Its features might look like the features of other phones but the innovative minds of its makers have taken each of that features to a completely new level. First, this phone is made with materials used for making planes. This makes its internals robust without being heavy at all.


CUBOT X15 Testing

It might have a 5.5-inch screen that you see on other smartphones as well but it has been designed and placed in such a way that it looks like it does not have any bezels. You feel like being on an edge-to-edge display when using Cubot X15. The screen of Cubot X15 displays the best of your videos, wallpapers and pictures because it is a full high definition display i.e. 1080p display. Cubot X15 has a pixel density of 400ppi so every image on the screen looks neat and fine. The back and front cameras of the phone are 16MP and 8MP respectively.

Going inside this phone you get 1.3GHz processor with 4 cores running at that speed to deliver a performance you can be proud of. For your multi-tasking and heavy gaming it even comes with 2GB of RAM in addition to such an amazing processor. To keep the gaming performance on your phone seamless the company has chosen to go with a Mali-720 GPU. You can do all the gaming you want, shoot all the videos you can and store all the pictures possible because Cubot X15 comes with 16GB of internal storage space as well as the option to extend the memory with an external memory card.


The capacitive controls on the screen of Cubot X15 get rid of the physical home button. The corners of the Cubot X15 are rounded with metal frame on the front and a plastic shell on the back. Cubot X15 comes with the slots available for 2 SIM cards. This allows you to use this phone not only for your personal calls and messages but your office related contacts as well. With this phone you also have great color options to choose from. If you like a decent phone for your office use, you should go with the black. Other colors options are white and golden.


CUBOT X15 Final Thoughts

Most of the big smartphones today are struggling in giving their users good battery timing. In an attempt to make slim phones they compromise big time on the battery capacity. Cubot X15 does not face any of those issues. This phone has a huge battery with a capacity of 2750mAh. The battery of Cubot X15 should be enough to help you pass a day easily without recharging on normal usage. One of the most unique features on this phone is the smart gestures. Smart gestures allow you to draw different shapes on your lock screen to open different applications.


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