Cubot cellphone X16 4G Smartphone Cool Design

If you are looking for an affordable, super-thin smartphone with quality display features then search no further than the Cubot X16 Smartphone. It’s a respected brand covering a wide variety of carrier frequencies to suit your needs.

Cubot cellphone

Many of the phones I see copy Apple style a lot, this still has some links (the plastic lines in the frame) but definitely  has its own unique touch. It does not give the feeling of an iPhone copycat, instead, it makes a bold move to be unique.
Cubot cellphone

The Cubot X16 smartphone is our most anticipated Chinese phone of the year. It is a solid, reliable and well-priced smartphone that’s gaining massive popularity amongst our community. It’s still on presale and due to start shipping early next month. The design is curvier than its predecessors with an ultra-thin screen measuring 6.2 mm, we had one in the office and share our thoughts of CUBOT’s newest addition.

Cubot cellphone
Cubot X16 Smartphone touch screen seems to be really close to the edges of the phone so I found myself accidentally touching the edge of the screen or the back button. Even when holding normally I seemed to press the back screen often. Likely tho it is something I might just need to be trained up on coming from a larger phone. We have a great introductory price for it on now in our EU warehouse, for full details see the Cubot X16 product page.
Cubot cellphone

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