ZGPAX Smart Watch S360 Enjoy Smart life!

I have never heard of ZGPAX smartwatches before. However, this time after give a shoot for the brand, I will take a quick look at the ZGPAX S360 smart watch and showcase its key functions to all of you :)

ZGPAX Smart Watch


ZGPAX Smart Watch Great SOS Function


First of all, this  ZGPAX smart watch S360 mode can synchronously receive message,and quickly reply message. You can also direct callback directly in the message interface. However, this feature is not available for IOS system. If you are carrying your phone nearby, you can use the watch as a bluetooth receiver to view messages and make phone calls by connecting to your phone.

ZGPAX Smart Watch

Additionally, the S360 ZGPAX smart watch possesses a function that most girls will like: the remote camera. Such camera is easy to selfie, grop photo, capture, and all these functions could be more stronger. It also support SOS emergency calling function. In the case of if you find it is hard to call out by phone with an emergency situation, you can press the SOS button for 3 seconds and the watch will dia out the built-in number.

ZGPAX Smart Watch

ZGPAX Smart Watch Good Fitness Friend

If you’re a bit active and also considered a fitness band, the  ZGPAX smartphone has some monitoring functions that allow you to: monitor your walking distance, counters,calories, and even your sleep quality. It is perfect for keeping up with your daily routine and tracking how much you are active during one day.

ZGPAX Smart Watch


ZGPAX Smart Watch Cool Design

Well, we have already known the smart watch has lots of powerful functions, so what about its design? This smart watch adopt classic clock design, you can change the interface along with your mood.

ZGPAX Smart Watch

So, what do you think of this ZGPAX S360 smart watch? You can browse the product page and find your favourite one, and begin to enjoy the world of wearable devices.
ZGPAX Smart Watch

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