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VR Glasses Arealer Introduction

Arealer is a new brand for the VR Glasses Headset. This brands focuses on analyzing and producing smartphone-based virtual reality headset. What’s more attractive is its original selling price: only around $15 so you can experience 3D version. That’s sounds really unbelievable to me. Compared to another budget-friendly brand Bao Feng VR 3D glasses that we have discussed in our past articles, the price of Arealer VR glasses is less than half price of Bao Feng VR glasses.

Arealer VR 3D glasses is designed based on ergonomic idea with large FOV and being ultraviolet-proof. It is also heat dissipated and input by high-grade optical lens. The main body material is ABS like many smartphones. The item weights overall about 350g.

VR Glasses

VR Glasses

VR Glasses Arealer vs Google Comparison

We pick the Arealer VR glasses and Google cardboard for user experience comparison. These two brands models have same price level (around $15), and we noticed that Google cardboard is currently hot sale on some dominant platforms like Amazon.

During test overall we feel that this Arealer brand VR glasses is more comfortable than Google brand cardboard. Compared with Google VR glasses, lenses of Arealer VR glasses can be individually adjusted. Then for each eye you could have focus point view. This kind of design sounds a good voice for those users who have different eye corrections. Also Arealer VR glasses has more clear screen display than Google cardboard when playing films etc. One more important difference between Google cardboard and Arealer head strap is overhead strap. Arealer’s strap is comfortable to put on head and is made out of elastic material. Google cardboard strap only has horizontal one, and makes me worry about tilting glasses.

VR GlassesVR Glasses 

VR Glasses Arealer Adjustable Design

Although the price is really low, Arealer VR glasses did consider user experience. Its cushion around the glasses could protect your face and block light outside the glasses for full immersion. We put our smart phone in the Arealer VR glasses and the phone was tightly together with the main body of Arealer VR glasses. You could see sticky grip around the Arealer VR glasses. We have tried different adjustable length (around 60mm and 70mm) to fit different face size. What also impressive me was its Myopia and Pupil Distance function. The glasses can be used for no more than 800 degree Myopia, and issues like double image or dizziness can be effectively reduced.

Actually this VR glasses can fit nearly all types ( unless your phone screen sizes over 6 inches or smaller than 3 inches) of smartphone brands, like Android or iOS operating systems. It operates well with iPhone. One little problem during test is we feel the adjustable straps seems a bit difficult to put back onto tract.

VR Glasses


VR Glasses Arealer Conclusion

So overall Arealer VR glasses is great for watching movies and gaming, both for indoor home use and outdoor travelling. It needs no additional software to install or setup. All you need is your smartphone. This brand seems to be another super budget-friendly smart VR 3D glasses! So far we haven’t seen this brand selling on Geekbuying, but instead only on Amazon and some other wholesale websites.

VR Glasses

VR Glasses Arealer Video

Black one:

White one:

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