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Andoer® CST-09 Mode 3D VR Glasses Head-Mounted Wireless Bluetooth for 4.0 to 6.0″ Smart Phones

This Andoer 3D VR GLASSES has a Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 remote gaming controller. The controller can also be used a Selfie Camera Shutter. The Cheap VR Glasses is also easy to use for the children or the old. Its set-up is simple. All you need to do is put inside your smartphone and pair the Bluetooth gaming controller with your smart phone. To me, the Cheap VR Glasses is a good device that based on network set-top box, and you don’t need any additional apps to set it up. Its material is ABS just like many other smartphones or budget free VR headsets. It contains no plastic sheet so it is environmental friendly. Its pupil distance is also adjustable. You can adjust the position of the spherical resin lens by rotating the switch on the top of the Cheap VR Glasses. Overall, you felt no dizzy problems for the first two-hours using, but I recommend you to have a break after two and a half hours’ usage. You don’t need to worry about filling off your phone since the clamp on the cover can firmly clamp the smart phones. The Cheap VR Glasses headset is suitable for smart phones that have screen sizes between 4 to 6 inches. You can also easily charge your phone via the holes on both sides of the VR headset.

Cheap VR Glasses

There is also on bluetooth gaming remote controller included in the package. The controller can be used with portable PC, wireless mouse, smartphone, or TV box. Both the remote controller and Cheap VR Glasses are compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Onced connected to additional devices you can play PSP games, modes games or camera shutter.

Cheap VR Glasses

Cheap VR Glasses Andoer® CST-09 Specifications

Brand New: Andoer
Model Number: CST-09
Color: Black
Material: ABS + Resin lens
Suitable: 4.0~6.0″ Smartphone
Cheap VR Glasses Size: 20.0 * 13.0 * 9.0cm
Cheap VR Glasses weight: 378g

Cheap VR Glasses

Cheap VR Glasses

Cheap VR Glasses

Cheap VR Glasses Andoer® CST-09 Remote Controller Specifications

Model Number: MB-852
Bluetooth Versions: Bluetooth V3.0
Effective Operating Range: Up to 10m.
Working current: 0.5 – 4mA
Standby current: 0.5 – 1mA
Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V / 180mA Li-ion battery.
Continuous Game Time: About 40 hours.
Standby Time:180 hour.
Color: Black
Cheap VR Glasses Item Size: 7.3 * 3.3 * 1.7 cm
Cheap VR Glasses Item Weight: 19g

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Cheap VR Glasses DIY Google Cardboard 3D VR 5.5″ Screen Available from UK Warehouse

Well, I think Google Cardboard seems to be the very first VR mode design for the most recent middle-end or high-end VR glasses. You may have heard lots of times when someone or reports said words like “this VR is based on the design of Google Cardboard, but is better than Google VR…..” But, if you wanna gave a shoot for original VR experience then you should try Google Cardboard. The VR is completely kit without NFC and the whole setup process can be done in 5 minutes. You can control your smartphone via magnets. Normally, the Google Cheap VR Glasses fits nearly all brands of smartphones that have up to 5.5 inches screen. The overall weight is only around 60g since it is mainly made of cardboard material. You can also find some useful accessories such as lenses, magnets, fastener tapes and rubber band in its package box.

Cheap VR Glasses

Cheap VR Glasses

Cheap VR Glasses

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