VR Headset 3Glasses® D2 Virtual Reality Glasses 5.5″ LCD HDMI

VR Headset 3Glasses D2 Enterprise Introduction

3Glasses is another China-based technology enterprise that focuses on the research and development (R&D) of virtual reality products. Although VR Headset seems to be popular around the year 2015, 3Glasses company has already gained over ten years’ experience in this field, and after checked online I found the company is one of the leading figure in Chinese VR Headset market, and it also has more than 1,500 off-line VR stores in China. The 3Glasses D2 is their latest VR Headset, which was officially released on Sep. 2015. Actually, their D1 VR headset mode, which was came out in the year 2014, is the first VR headset product in Asia market.


VR Headset


VR Headset 3Glasses D2 Main Features


2K Display Screen & Aspheric Lens

The D2 VR Headset has 5.5 inches LCD type screen and can support resolution up to 2560*1440 with a 60Hz refresh rate. If compared to some famous brands in the same field D2 VR Headset has the same strengthen in refresh rate as HTC Vive, or DeePoon M2 VR Headset. Hence it could prevent you from harmful blue ray. It also uses anti-blue rays aspheric lenses with high transparency. The 110 degree field of view (FOV) quite fits human eyes design. Also the headset is adjustable so can fits different eyesight sizes. If you had problems with display, such as error reminder, just download  a new version DirectX, and this software is the one that commonly used for computer games. For the system part, its management tools can auto detect and fix errors.

VR Headset

Gaming Experience

Well if I didn’t count wrong, HTC announced their HTV Vive VR Headset has 107 games available for the headset, while Rift has only around 40 games. Like DeePoon M2 VR headset mode, 3Glasses D2 VR Headset has over 100 games being updated and input into their VR device. Like many other VR headset, 3Glasses D2 VR Headset also has 360 degrees view of head tracking with ten sensors, so provides much real experience especially when you playing Star War series or shooting type games. The D2 VR Headset can operates good with Windows 7 systems, or 4.0 memory capacity. However, if you has Windows 8 or 10, and 8.0 memory capacity your D2 headset can operates better.


Believe it or not 3Glasses D2 VR Headset only weights around 250g so it is even lighter than the majority of smart-phone based VR headsets. Its controls are based on touch panel and its overall system is especially designed for laptop notebook. After tested I found the touch panel is easy-to-use, and you just need to simply interact with UI to switch pages etc. The myopia range is up to 400 degrees allows you to use VR Headset when wearing glasses. After opened its package I could find a detachable Head belt replacement and some cleaning stuff.
VR Headset

VR Headset 3Glasses D2 Specifications

FPS: 60Hz

Delay: <13ms

Field Of Visual: 110º

Pupil Distance: 58~66mm

Head Fixing: T Belt

Face Foam: Detachable & Replaceable

Compatible Myopia Range: 0-400º

Sense of immersion: A+

Connectivity: HDMI available; USB 2.0

Item Dimension: 19.2cm * 8.8cm * 8.0cm

Item Net Weight: 399g or 14.0oz


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