Budget Music player XUELIN IHIFI 770C 128GB

Budget Music player XUELIN IHIFI 770C Overview

If mentioned about flash type or hard type music players, you may easily got the idea of iTouch or Song brands. However one thing is certain that these high-end figures have high price level. So if you were looking for a high-end similar one with budget price level, XUELIN 770C ($78) budget music player seems to be a good choice. Compared to its old version, XUELIN 770C has been improved in power limitation, exquisite adjustment, music collection, balance correction and the number of available video or song formats.

Budget Music player

Budget Music player XUELIN IHIFI 770C Tech. Spotlights


Budget Music Player Zero Background Noise Function

One of the spotlight feature of XUELIN IHIFI 770C budget music player is its zero background noise function. I think XUELIN designers focuses on multiple capacitor filtering by testing its grounding system, electromagnetic shielding and accessories repeatedly. Zero background noise can effectively restrain outside noises when turning on or off the music player.

Budget Music Player Tempered Glass Plane Design

If you checked carefully for aluminum alloy appearance of XUELIN 770C budget music player, you could found its manufacturing process is based on some kind of high-end design, despite the brand focuses on middle-end market and consumer group. Its touch buttons, as well as background light are made by metal cutting ultra thin body. If compared with iPhone 4 , the 0.5mm appearance of XUELIN 770C budget music player is thinner. The CNC cutting provides smooth feeling when you touching it. Its backside is based on screw-less and card buckle design. Overall the body of the budget music player did not use any kind of common acrylic plastic material as you can easily found in any other cheap music players modes.

Budget Music Player WM8740 decoding chip

Well, the WM8740 decoding chip feature is also a worth considering one for XUELIN budget music player 770C. Teh WM8740 decoding chip is based on Wolfson 2nd rate flagship decoding chip, which normally used for desktop or any other blue-ray based devices. WM8740 could operates very low level harmonic distortion. Also the AD8656 amplifier is used as the LPE of the budget music player, so both input and output capacity could be supplied fully.

Budget Music player

Budget Music player XUELIN IHIFI 770C Testing Experience & Drawbakcs

Overall the budget music player comes with well packaged and full charged. However, you should be remind that sometimes it seems not easy to switch among different default system languages. Hence I think more guidance need to be outlighted here. If you used a FAT32 format card you could easily expend the storage of the budget music player. You need to reformat the Sandisk card to FAT32 type just in case you got a Sandisk one. You can easily control the power to high or low the sound output of the budget music player. After tested many various sound modes, we recommend the standard settings since the bass is good. It is stated that the battery of the budget player can be at high bit rate for around 12 or 13 hours, but actually we tested and found in reality the budget music player may sometimes a few less than 12 hours. Well for the 128GB expended storage actually is really adequate for daily use. If for individual song the capacity is 5MB, then that means users could storage over 20,000 songs without any movies!

Budget Music player

Budget Music player XUELIN IHIFI 770C Specifications


budget music player Process: CNC aluminum alloy oxidation
LCD: 167,000 color LCD ips
Glass: tempered glass panel
DAC Chip: WM8740
budget music player Format support: 24Bit / 192KHz
Software Support :YES
Headphone 3.5mm earphone output interface A Soft mode / line output
Headphone 3.5mm earphone output interface B elegant pattern
Earphone output power :120mw+120mw/32 ohm
Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 103 dB (A weighting)
Channel unbalance: ≤ 0.5dB (1KHz)
Channel separation: ≥ 92dB (1KHz)
budget music player Frequency response :20Hz ~ 20KHz (+0/-2.5dB)
Total harmonic distortion plus noise≤ 0.006% (1KHz)
budget music player Support audio format:WAV, APE, FLAC,
Budget music player Battery type:built-in rechargable Li-ion battery
budget music player Item Net Weight: 110g


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