Mini Music Player XDUOO X3 HI-FI HD 128GB Audio Player

Mini Music Player XDUOO X3 Testing Experience



Overall XDUOO X3 mini music player is easy to setup music files in any mode by using PC or laptop. Setting up XDUOO X3 mini music player seems a bit “tricky” so it is very important the way users set up their music files on the mini music player. Actually what XDUOO X3 mini music player played was not a “song”, but instead a “folder” like you may commonly see in your desktop. If you wanna create a playlist, just create a new folder and copy all the songs from an album into your XDUOO X3 playlist folder, and done. I tested and found overall I could be able to download up to 1,000 albums (so that’s around 10,000 songs ) and simply converted them from many formats like WAV or FLAC. You may have met similar issues like me because sometimes I really mess up when downloading files from my iTunes account to my non-Apple type mini music player. Alternatively, you could upload songs without using iTunes. What’s more, I was especially impressed with its native quality of DSD music files. When I switching between two songs, I noticed nearly no lag. Ad XDUOO X3 mini music player has a small size body, it could be also used in cars or offices, and the sound display is even good than car original digital sources.


Mini Music Player

Mini Music Player


The OLED dispaly screen sometimes might a bit difficult for you to selecting songs in bright outside or strong sunlight conditions. You might also have issues to put two micro SD cards at the same time into your XDUOO X3 mini music player. Also its interface seems to be improved a bit since for me it was not highly user friendly. For the connection between XDUOO X3 mini music player and your output device like laptops, you need to be patient when uploading files because it may has a few minutes delay.

Mini Music Player XDUOO X3 Famous Brands Comparison

Compared with some High end mini music player such as iPods or Sony Walkmans, XDUOO X3 seems to have the music sources that is closest to capturing the fidelity of live music. At first glance XDUOO X3 mini music player maybe similar to $50 price lever Sony MDR-XB50 mini music player, but the former one did does better sound quality then the latter one. If you used KEF 200s to listen FLAC format files on the XDUOO X3 mini music player, you would also get better quality than famous brands, like iPods, in volume of storage and price-performance ratio. Furthermore, its battery capacity is of same strength as iPhone 6 or 6s mini music player, and the OLED screen technology of the mini music player is also used by some leading virtual reality headset brand like Oculus Rift. For frequence response, XDUOO X3 mini music player has equal quality as the great budget friendly SADES brand gaming headphone, so almost it could catch a very wide range of music resources.


Mini Music Player

Mini Music Player XDUOO X3 Tech. Specifications


Performance System: Linux

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Screen size: 1.3 inches

Screen Technology: OLED Screen

Body Material: Aluminium alloy

Expended Storage: Up to 128GB

Support Music Format: DSD, APE, FLAC,WAV, AIFF, ALAC, WMA, MP3,ACC, OGG

Frequence Response: 20HZ~20kHZ

Item Weights: 190g


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