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Budget Headphone Technological Features

This Budget Headphone is lightweight design so it is easy to carry with. It is ideal for indoor uses like family calling or friends gaming competition. You could talk to your mate when playing games with friends. The Budget Headphone could also connect to Xbox 360 Bluetooth controller so feel free to leave any messages in its live letter box. What’s more the live headset is adjustable so you can choose to adjust volume and the whole headset to fit your head.

Budget Headphone

Budget Headphone Frequency Range

Generally, frequency is the range of bass and treble. The first number of frequency range represents the bass end of the spectrum, and the second number mains the treble end. 20 to 20,000 Hz is the most audible frequency range for the majority of Budget Headphone. It should be noticed that higher frequency range does not always mean better sound quality. However, for frequency range lower than 20 Hz bass can be felt more so than heard, while frequencies more than 20,000 Hz are not usually audible.

Budget Headphone

Budget Headphone Sensitivity


Sensitivity is the effectiveness an Budget Headphone converts an electrical signal into an acoustical signal. Sensitivity shows how loud Budget Headphone will be for a given source level from. Setting the volume at the first position, right above zero, gives enough level but is noisy. Increasing the volume makes it too loud to use. A sensitivity rating has very close relationship with the output capabilities of an audio system. If a audio system has low output level, then using a low sensitivity Budget Headphone will result in a low Sound Pressure Level (SPL). Increasing the amplifier level in this configuration will lead to distorted audio due to amplifier clipping.

Budget Headphone

Budget Headphone Impedance

Impedance is opposition to the flow of current. Impedance is measured in Ohms, and its indicator is Greek sign Omega (Ω). The higher impedance, the lower current will flow. To obtain max. power transfer, which means all usable power from the source reaches the Budget Headphone, impedance between different devices should match. Normally, impedance between different devices cannot be matched, so in this case it may further leads to either a loss of voltage, or in other words, a loss of power. A Budget Headphone amplifier typically can deliver far more power than needed, so load loss is not critical.

Budget Headphone

Budget Headphone Specification

Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 54±5dB
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Cable Length: 113cm
Maximum Power Input: 50-100mw
Color: White
Budget Headphone net weight:130g


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