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Portable USB Soundbar Feature Overview

The Portable USB Soundbar is multi-functional since it is for power, plug and play. The clip-on design is easy for fixing on external devices such as laptop, notebook or tablets. What’s more, if you ordered two of these Portable USB Soundbar and put them together, you would experience a joint sound effect. Volume is easy to adjust by its built-in options. For connectivity the Portable USB Soundbar has 3.5mm audio port and it can be connected to operating systems like Window XP, Vista, Mac or OSX. The item weights overall around 170g, so such lightweight design is easy to carry with for anywhere.

Portable USB Soundbar

Portable USB Soundbar Testing Experience


The sound is great, for the price and size, it really packs a punch. If you were searching for a budget  alternative to the traditional Portable USB Soundbar with simple setting, the soundbar is really a good option. For a cheap Portable USB Soundbar it is LOUD, and the sound is full. The Portable USB Soundbar finds its comfort level around 60% of full volume range on the PC. For someone using a desktop, the Portable USB Soundbar would be useful if you don’t have the space for a more expensive set. Ideally I prefer to set the Portable USB Soundbar behind or under my laptop and let the sound amplify a bit in the room. I set it up with the whole plug and play thing, plugged the USB and Audio jack cords directly into my TV and got instant sound.

Portable USB Soundbar

You should better to get one additional audio cable since you may need them to be able to adjust the volume by the TV. I have the Portable USB Soundbar set at one stationary volume setting and I can change the volume levels by changing my computers volume settings. About 3 months later and I’m still love the soundbar speaker. I paired it with a number of gaming devices, such as the Turtle Beach EarForce DSS and optical cable to connect to my Xbox One. If you got some other games available, just have a try.

Portable USB Soundbar

Portable USB Soundbar Final Thoughts

Overall, the Portable USB Soundbar has a series of advantages and disadvantages. It has good sound quality with adequate volume for indoor or outdoor purposes. The sound quality is clear for its $10 budget price level. Volume range is decent as well. The major disadvantage is its sound volume may get a little unusable if over 60%.


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