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Bluetooth Music Receiver Technological Overview

The Bluetooth Music Receiver is compact design and lightweight. It is connected by a 30-pin dock to adjust sound volume and transmit data from sound-box to Bluetooth devices. Generally, it supports all kinds of Bluetooth devices like Apple devices or Android smartphones. The music player supports A2DP function but it can only fits Bluetooth 2.0. When I charged the Bluetooth Music Receiver its LED light could offer me a great indicator for pairing or charging status. The transmission distance can be up to 16 meters.

Bluetooth Music Receiver

Bluetooth Music Receiver Testing Experience

The package was very simple and easy to open. I went to my phone searched for the Bluetooth option and it located it at once and the flashing light turned into different colors. I search for my playlist and the songs were steaming with good quality. When I walk around at a distance of around 40 feet I had no problem with the reception. The A2DP Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter is a viable option that by the way cost you a pretty penny a few years back. After a few days using the Bluetooth Music Receiver has not made any odd beeping noises randomly. I also tested the music player by connecting it to iPod touch the 5th version, and the device was easily to be found and connected. The device starts to work once it is connected. I think the Bluetooth Music Receiver works as well as some other famous budget brands like LG music players. The connection of the music player worked good for most of the time if I walked around my bedrooms, dinner rooms etc.

Bluetooth Music Receiver

Bluetooth Music Receiver A2DP

A2DP describes how stereo-quality audio can be streamed from a media source to a sink. The audio source is the music player and the audio sink is the wireless headset or wireless stereo speakers. Examples of Bluetooth A2DP devices include: stereo headphones, stereo speakers or Bluetooth Music Receiver. A2DP defines the protocols and procedures that realize distribution of audio content of high-quality in mono or stereo on ACL channels. The audio data is compressed in a proper format for efficient use of the limited bandwidth. Surround sound distribution is not included in the scope of this profile.

Bluetooth Music Receiver

Bluetooth Music Receiver Specifications

Frequency Range: 2.4GHZ-2.4835GHZ
Bluetooth Music Receiver Connector: Equipment with for Apple 30-Pin Dock
Chipset model: OVC3860 Stereo Sound Chip
Bluetooth Music Receiver Audio quality: High acoustic fidelity sound
Transmission distance: Up to 10~15m
Bluetooth Music Receiver size: 31 * 44 * 9mm
Bluetooth Music Receiver weight: 9g


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