Electric keyboard piano Portable 49 Keys $15 Warranty

Electric keyboard piano Technological Overview


The electric keyboard piano is lightweight and meticulous design. It has 49 soft standard keys which include standard piano key 1 octave. You can clearly see different options like rhythm, drum, sound effects, chords and learning function keys on its front cover. For those who love drum, the electric keyboard piano has 8 modes for drums that are set on individual key. It also has buttons for rhythm controlling and power saving. For music beginners, the electric keyboard piano has up to 6 demo songs so you can practice with them by recording or playback your songs. It also has a built-in speaker which is fully adjustable. You can see a power adapter and a 3.5mm sized headphone in its package box. This electric keyboard piano can be rolled up for storage, but just make sure not to do this very frequently in order to avoid breaking circuit.

Electric keyboard piano

Electric keyboard piano Hands on

This roll-up electric keyboard piano has provided me great enjoyment. I can hit the keys smoothly. The keyboard makes me feel really handy for noodling out tunes and experimenting with chords when I editing songs with my laptop. The sound quality is good. However, I noticed that for a few times the electric keyboard piano might occur a bug that makes it sound random wrong notes. It is better constructed than I had expected with a good feel. The 3.5mm port connectivity allows for a full connection, which makes cool beats. If you’re just tinkering and pecking at the keys, it works fine. One key at a time is on time.

Electric keyboard piano

I checked the functional keys at the right hand side of the electric keyboard piano. There are light indicators for Lesson, Power and Record. Buttons for volume adjustment and tempo are nearby its indicators. The connectivity port is just right below its functional keys. Well, if you were looking for fun electric keyboard piano especially for music beginners or young children, the keyboard would be a good choice. If you would like any professional or advanced electric keyboard piano, you should look else where. Nevertheless, this keyboard is a value buy for its $15 price level.

Electric keyboard piano

Electric keyboard piano Specifications

Material: Silicone rubber (keyboard); ABS plastic (control panel)
Tone: 16
Rhythm: 10
Rated Voltage: DC 4.5V or Battery AA 1.5V * 3pcs (not included)
Power Adapter: 4.5V, 0-1000mA, US Plug
electric keyboard piano Size: Mainbody: 10.5 * 22.5 * 2.7cm; Keyboard: 73 * 17 * 0.3cm
electric keyboard piano Weight: 632g


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