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Budget Headphone SADES SA903 Testing Experience


Sound quality and noise cancellation function of the SA903 budget headphone mode is really good, even in the case of USB recording or condenser microphones. Actually it seems common for all SADES budget headphone series. Well SADES headphone is not only designed for gaming, especially stream video games, but also watch films etc. The quality of microphone is also great and decent for its $30 price level. We met no problems about loss of functionality, durability or driver failure during test. Software is easy to download or upload to get the drivers. Then you can edit whether you want the stereo to be , for example 5.1 or 7.1 sound versions. Compared to previous versions, the virtual surround also a considerable improvement for SADES SA903 budget headphone mode. Its LED lights also works well.If compared with Apple earphones, the background vocals in songs from SADES SA903 headphone is a lot better, even when you playing some type of CS games.

Its ear pad is soft made and will not pinch your ear piercings. After several hours testing we could still feel comfortable without headache. I think its light weight could be a reason for such comfortable wearing.

Budget Headphone

Budget Headphone

Budget Headphone


Overall works good with Mac, Windows, and some kind of Open Broadcasting Software programs. However sometimes the budget headphone might not work perfect with windows systems. If you wanna set-up the budget headphone on windows 10, you should first check on the DVD for the Windows 7 drivers, and then your headphone can work fine. You should also reminder this SADES SA903 budget headphone are not for Song Play station series or XBOX, it can only used for PC gaming.


Budget Headphone SADES Series Comparison


Below you could see a series of technological features comparison between SADES budget headphone and many other competitors. It is not difficult to see SADES budget headphone did especially good in headphone foldable function, noise-canceling function and protective carrying cases, so that is no wonder users provide good feedback about long-hours using of SADES headphones. Actually SADES SA708, SA701 OR SA903 are all good choices for budget headphone.

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Budget Headphone


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