Portable Piano Flexible Electronic Portable 61 Keys Warranty

Portable Piano Features Overview

This portable piano has 61 keys and is hand-carried, and it can be rolled up for storage in my carrying case. Overall it has 128 tone functions and 128 rhythm songs. You can also find 40 demo songs in the portable piano for music tests. The music recording can be up to 338 notes. It supports MIDI and USB connectivity ports for connecting external devices like laptops or desktops. The built-in speaker also can be connected to additional speakers. A power adopter is included in its package.

Portable Piano

Portable Piano Testing Experience

The portable piano was delivered on time and in perfect shape. The box looked good. After plugging it in and using it for hours non-stop, I was still excited to use the portable piano for the next day too. The portable piano has a recording function so I can always replay the music for others. You can adjust volume for the portable piano and some of its functional keys are based on LED light design. I noticed a series of black tiny buttons for adjusting tones and rhymes. When I was recording my songs the REC LED light turned on. You can see how many seconds a song has been recorded. You can plug your headphone into the portable piano, or charge it with DC 6V power connectivity. The portable piano gets me through practice well.

Portable Piano

Some music beginners may prefer small misdirected investments of their own practice time. Although the portable pianod is not a real piano, its price makes it a value buy. You can still learn and practice for beginning level songs by playing it. The portable piano has a few disadvantages. I noticed that a few times when I playing chords the sound become chaotic and does not sound correct. Also after a few weeks playing, I noticed the tone level is a little off. Well my recommendations for the portable piano the company should add a hard surface underneath for the portable piano since a fairly long table needs to be available to lie totally flat. Nevertheless, I am OK with that since as a music beginner, it is good enough for me to use as a practice tool.

Portable Piano

Portable Piano Specifications

Keyboard: 61 keys
Tone: 128
Rhythm: 128
Demonstration songs: 40
Rated voltage: DC 6V or 4 * AA 1.5V batteries (not included)
Material: Silicon
Main body: 9.6 * 22.8 * 3.3cm
Keyboard: 88 * 17.4 * 0.5cm
weight: about 829g


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