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Smart Wristband Introduction

The word of the generation of 2010 and onward has been “Smart.” Everything is becoming smart. Smartphones, smart cars and now smart watches! Smart watches are the newest “Smart” tech product that has jumped on the tech scene. If you want a smart wristband, then you should consider checking out the Smart Watch Wristband Bracelet Bluetooth 4.0. This smart wristband is going to be on everyone’s wrist in the upcoming seasons as it has a sleek black design without an overbearing screen. It can support text, incoming call notifications and of course, the pedometer.

Smart Wristband

Smart Wristband iwowfit® Technological Features & Hands on

The pedometer is one of the main reasons people are excited about smart wristbands as it will estimate your travel distance by recording the amount of steps you have walked. With this smart wristband, all you will have to do is take a look at your wrist and place the proper display. You will also have 23 sport settings to work with in order to track your workout. You will be able to count your calories, set workout goals, and share your motion path with your friends! This can be an excellent business tool and also an excellent fitness tool. The versatile from this smart wristband is actually quite surprising. This smart wristband also provides the time and an alarm function along with the option in order to dial, call and play music on your phone. All you have to do is connect the smart wristband’s Bluetooth and connect it to your phone or devices Bluetooth.

Smart Wristband

The coolest part about this smart wristband is that the display screen is actually a Bluetooth! You can take it off the wristband and place it around your ear. When you are done with it and want it to be your watch again, all you will have to do is place it back in the wristband. It also boasts one of the more impressive batteries as the smart wristband will last for 5-7 days under normal condition. If you decide to go wild with your Bluetooth, you can expect a maximum 5 hours of continuous Bluetooth call time or music play!

Smart Wristband

Smart Wristband iwowfit® Conclusion

The smart wristband is easy to use! You just tap once either to play music or to hang up a call. To reply, you double tap and you can also switch numbers that way. You don’t have to guess who is calling either as you will see the caller ID display on the screen. It’s an incredible little companion. You can connect this smart wristband along with either an Android or IOS. You will get to enjoy this smart wristband no matter what. You would think for something like this amazing device, it would be rather expensive. Nothing could be further than the truth as the wristband is relatively cheap. You will not have to break the bank in order to have the newest wave of tech. You can get the smart wristband today and enjoy one of the best tools available for the every buyer.


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