Tracker Watch 1.44 inch TFT Display Full 2.5D SOS Remote Camera

Tracker Watch Overview

Children are active and playful. It is not possible to expect them to play within a defined territory. No matter how much you try to keep an eye on your child, there can be occasions when they can just wander away on their own. What to do then? One needs to act quickly in such situations, whether it’s on the way home from school or a family outing. Modern technology has found out a solution for such situations. Now you can have location devices which are lightweight and easily wearable for your child. You can find these safety wearables in various convenient designs, from disposable plastic bands to rechargeable watches that can be used as cell phones as well. The tracker watch phone is one of the best investments you can make for your child. Get one today and ensure his/her safety.

tracker watch

Tracker Watch Features & Hands on

Appealing look

The trackers are available in several bright colors with an original cartoon-themed UI. The tracker watch has been made more interesting by adding an appealing colorful display. Your child would love to wear them.


The tracker watch phones are fitted with big 1.44” 2.5 D capacitive touch screens. With clear and big menu, they are very convenient for children’s use. The tracker watch is water-resistant and thus do not hamper a child’s carefree nature.

Two-way communication

They allow for two-way communication with a clear voice. Also, when it is inconvenient to answer phone calls, one can use the app to leave online chat messages.

tracker watch

Long battery life

The tracker watch is powered by a powerful battery which will keep the tracker watch running for 2-3 days without any charging required.


The tracker watch supports several languages including English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

Antidrop sensor

This feature has mainly been added to inform the parents in case their children drop the trackers off. The administrators will get an alarm message.

Safe Material of construction

The tracker watch is made from safe materials like Anti-Bacterial Surface and Silicon which do not impact your child’s health.

GPS positioning

The tracker watch gives you information about your child’s whereabouts. It houses a near-accurate GPS which has a proximity clarification of 10 meters.

Safe-zone detection

Now you can also mark safe limits for your child using the Admin UI. Get reminders and alerts immediately in case there is a breach.

Add contact using touch

Now create a social zone for your child with the touch-friend feature. Let your child make friends and add their contacts using a simple touch recognition available in the latter’s watch.

tracker watch

Lightweight and portable

The tracker watch is very light, varies from 3-6 oz. and will not be a hassle to be carried by your child. They can also be stitched with your child’s bag for sturdiness.

GSM features

Equipped with GSM quad band, the tracker watch can be used in the Americas as well as in Europe.

SOS features

Now you can receive a message in an hour of distress just by pushing a button.



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