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Top Smart Scale Which One to Choose

Standard scales seem no longer meet diverse needs of users. Consumers have higher requirements for health. A smart scale can does really much more than traditional ones. Market competition is fierce, and it is not surprising to see many smart ones have corresponding free APP analysis, or bioelectrical impedance technology. However, the key point is: how to get a really good smart scale with economic price and all-round functions ?

This top smart scale review picks 3 fast progress brands: Koogeek, Xiaomi and iHealth. 360-degree analysis has been taken based on tests and technological features. Finally a criteria comparison for these bands will be provided.

Top Smart Scale Key Criteria

Key criteria is important for measuring scales. Criteria used in this top smart scale review are: Connectivity Design, Measurement Capabilities, and Consumer Services. Connectivity is about Bluetooth or mobile device connection. Design covers scale size, weight, scale APP and battery. Measurement capabilities included body index. Consumer services in this top smart scale review is ranked by shipment. The full name of BMI is body mass index. BMI is individual weight divided by personal height. It is a simple and quick method to check wherever someone are overweight. Lean mass can also be named as lean body mass, and it is gained by total body weight minus body fat weight. BMR refers to the estimation of how many calories an individual has burn if the person just rest for 24 hours without doing any activities. It can also be considered as the minimum amount of energy that someone needed for body functioning.

Top Smart Scale Picks



Top smart scale

Koogeek is a new competitor, so far they did quite impressive in technological standard and consumer experience. Koogeek has a polished attractive tempered glass appearance. Its blue LED display can present clear data. Users can see 8 index in easily understanding graphs: weight, bone mass, lean mass, water percentage visceral fat etc. Koogeek APP is simple to set up, and can be used for Android or iOS 8.0 system, Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi. Consumers would be impressed by Koogeek’s goal setting function. Koogeek uses high precision pressure sensors and professional weight calculation chips to measure accurately. Maximum 16 users can be recognized, so users can enjoy family or friends fitness competitions. Users can even see family members’ body data through Koogeek APP! Koogeek can also do baby weighing. Babies can be weighted without staying alone on scale.

Koogeek do well for consumer services. User guide is available in different languages. Shipment covers the USA and EU. Compared to iHealth, Koogeek does not have muscle mass measurement, and Koogeek’s weight range is less than iHealth’s.

You could check Koogeek brand offical video :


Top smart scale

Xiaomi is a fast developing enterprise famous for its cellphone,. Xiaomi entered the smart scale market in the year 2016. So far Xiaomi only published one model for its smart scale, and it did do some aspects well in scale connectivity. Xiaomi scale can fit Android 4.4, and the scale has competitive price. You can find 50 or 60 dollars Xiaomi scale on Amazon. Like Koogeek and iHealth, Xiaomi also have modern surface design, LED digital display and easy-use friendly mobile APP.

However, Xiaomi needs to focus more on its scale measurement capabilities. Only body mass index (BMI) and weight are covered in its body healthy index system. Xiaomi scale does not have baby weighting function compared to Koogeek. Xiaomi only has 12 months warranty, which is less than Koogeek brand’s 18 months warranty. Although we can easily find Xiaomi scales on Amazon, the company does not have a English version website.

iHealth HS6

Top smart scale

iHealth has the highest price 130 dollars on its Amazon platform. HS6 is iHealth’s latest model. HS6 can fit Android 4.2 and ios 7.0 device. However, no bluetooth function can be clearly saw on their official non-Amazon website. Koogeek, Xiaomim and HS6 all have APP analysis, such as fitness goal setting and graphic tracking. HS6 is really heavy and bigger than Koogeek and Xiaomi scales, so it may not convenient for home store or office use. HS6 has 9 body index measurement, which is one more than Koogeek scale’s. However, HS6 can only record maximum 10 users, and no baby weighing function. HS6 has some unstable issues. It display different weights every time users step on it. HS6 APP may also hardly to connect to Apple dervice. iHealth does better than Xiaomi in consumer support, but iHealth is still not as good as Koogeek. iHealth’s international shipment service can set to the USA and within EU, but no discount deals are available on their official site.

Top Smart Scale Conclusion

Koogeek won the top smart scale review fast progress 2016. Overall Koogeek is amazing for home and office use. Compared to Xiaomi and iHealth, Koogeek does especially well in scale capabilities and consumer services. In fact no matter how “smart” these scales are, you still need to do exercises by yourself. Looking forward to seeing these brands have big sale in coming years.

Top Smart Scale Technical Comparison

Leading factor is in green, otherwise in white.

top smart scale

top smart scale

top smart scale

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