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Desktop Charger Product Features

If you are looking for a device that can charge your mobile phone and tablet both at the same time then you need not worry. This new Jelly Comb Rapid-Charging 5-Port desktop charger USB Hub/Charging Station with Smart Identification Technology is the key. All you need is to buy this innovative new desktop charger of all your smart devices.

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Multiple Charging Capacity

You own more than one smart device and facing a problem in charging them at the same time. Well, this Jelly comb Rapid-charging 5-port desktop charger USB Hub will serve your purpose with great ease and innovative technology. All you need is a power source and plug in your devices to charge them at once.

Light Weight

The build material of this desktop charger is decent; it seems to be of molded, hard plastic. The desktop charger seems to be durable, enough to be thrown around and not stop functioning. The desktop charger  is small, not too small, but definitely small enough to be considered portable. It is 4 inches in size with 5 USB ports and two power ports to perform tasks. With its lightweight nature, the desktop charger is your perfect travel partner.

Power Controller

Considering a multi-port charging device, it often clicks our mind that the device with such a caliber can be dangerous and energy consumer. Well, this smart desktop charger USB Hub charger is the most energy efficient equipment when compared to its competitors. The desktop charger works on 100-240V and so is ideal for international travel. This desktop charger comes with Smart regulate power, overvoltage / short-circuit protection. So you have no need to worry about short circuit or power failure. The USB Hub comes with built-in LED light indicator to indicate if its power on


USB Hub is not a difficult device to find, it’s available online at exclusive discounted price and a complete one year warranty. So if your device gets out of order, you can get it fixed completely free of cost.

So why not give it a try?

desktop charger

Desktop Charger Hands on Testing


Small Size: The small size of this smart desktop charger is one of the most important features of it. With a size of just 4”, it can charge up to six devices with complete 2.4A electric current and hence out smart its competitors.

Power Failure Protection: The desktop charger comes with smart power regulator which protects the device from getting burnt due to power failures or over voltages. A smart LED has been installed which changes color with the electric current amount given to the desktop charger.

Easy to carry: Working between 100-240V and 30W as power input, it is safe to carry anywhere and with portable size, the desktop charger is ideal to travel internationally.

Compatibility: One of the main important features of this device is its compatibility with other devices. The desktop charger is compatible with iPhone 6,6 Plus,5S 5C 5 4S, iPods, iPad, iPad2, 3, 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, S6, S6 edge, S5, most Android Smart Phones etc.

It is available with three types of power plug so you can either choose EU, US, UK plug type.


Lightweight: Being lightweight is the main advantage of this desktop charger, it is also the disadvantage in a case when multiple devices are attached to it, it falls off which can cause problems for some devices.

No Waterproofing: It is made of hard plastic which makes this device unable to water proofing or shock proofing. Best care should be done to save it from damp places. Over exposure to harsh climatic conditions can damage the device.

 desktop charger

Desktop Charger Conclusion 

Overall, this 5-port USB Hub/charger is an amazing smart device partner and is worthy to give a try. So grab one when it is available at exclusive prices.


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