Bluetooth Scale Koogeek APP Smart Scale Wi-fi 16 Users Recognition

Bluetooth Scale Koogeek® Profile

The brand New Koogeek Bluetooth scale is totally different from your grandparents, or your fellow friends’ old style scale. It not only automatically shows your weight when stepping on, but also assist your keeping fit based on various healthy factors, such as fat, BMI, bone mass, body water or even BMR. By using Koogeek App, you can sync personal health data via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your iOS or Android device.

Bluetooth Scale


Bluetooth Scale Koogeek® Features

Koogeek’s light white ITO tempered glass LED surface provides comfortable piece of mind for your exercises experiences. The Koogeek App will be your great company for syncing your detailed healthy data from home to outdoor business, or leisure activities. The Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis included at least 8 health compositions.

Bluetooth Scale

Koogeek App has advanced Bluetooth 4.0 version, Could server, and Wi-Fi techs for your connection to ISO 8.0, or Android 4.3. What’s more, Koogeek bluetooth scale could recognize and save up to 16 different account users by auto recognition, hence provide secure profiles included your children and whole family. Koogeek bluetooth scale can weight your baby without putting she or him alone on scale. Baby’s weight will be gained by offsetting your weight when you holding baby, and youself step on the scale. Koogeek bluetooth scale could also track your baby’s weight growth and send it to your own Koogeek App.

You can download Koogeek App for free via Koogeek APP

You could also check Koogeek official display video :

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Bluetooth Scale Koogeek® Services

Koogeek aims to provide your with high level consumer experience. All of Koogeek bluetooth scale have 18-month warranty. Please note the maximum weight capacity is 11-330 ib, or 5-150 kg in correspondence. The life duration of the battery is up to 16 hours. For each package the weight is around 2.44 kg. Koogeek’s clients are globally, so shipments covers from United States to the EU. With the assistance of Koogeek bluetooth scale quick start guide in different languages like English, French, German, Spanish or Japanese, you would be able to enjoy your health journey right away!

Bluetooth Scale

Package includes
1 * Koogeek Smart Scale
4 * AA Battery
1 * User manual in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese


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