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Outdoor Watch Youngs® Overview

We have many smart watches available in the market with wide variety of functions inbuilt. Those are great smart watches no doubt. But one problem was the cost. Most of those high end smart watches came with a high price tag. Youngs crystal Smart Watch is different from all those. Youngs comes at a low cost of only $49.42. Just because this outdoor watch is cheap doesn’t mean there are no features in it. On the contrary, this outdoor watch is loaded with all the essential features that a smart watch must have.

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Outdoor Watch Youngs® Hands on Testing

Let’s start from the display unit. Youngs smart watch has a 1.54 inch capacitive touchscreen with 240X240 pixels resolution. The touchscreen is very responsive to touches and provides a very good viewing angle. The screen is scratch resistant and dustproof. Youngs outdoor watch has IP65 certification. Since everyone wears a watch when they are going out, having these protection features is a nice addition. The outdoor watch is supported to be connected to both Android and iPhones. The operating system is very simple and easy to use with left and right swipes. The connection from this outdoor watch to your phone is made via Bluetooth version 4.0. The outdoor watch can be moved maximum 6 to 10 meter away from your smartphone. For a smartwatch, that’s a pretty good range.

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The outdoor watch is loaded with tons of features which you don’t expect from a low budget device. There is pedometer for measuring how many steps you walked, sedentary reminder which will tell you to get up from your seated position if you sit too long, anti-lost alarm system to prevent theft of your device and even a heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rates and give you a report if something is wrong. If you are connected to your smartphone, then you can use this outdoor watch to take photos, see the incoming calls on the display of the watch and even check your text messages without taking out your phone. You can also access your phone book, call reminders, SMS, music player, emails, calculator, calendar and some other basic functions. In short, you don’t have to take out your phone for doing any of the basic tasks. You can do all that if you sync this outdoor watch with your smartphone.

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Outdoor Watch Youngs® Final Thoughts

The build quality is pretty good that the outdoor watch is made up of stainless steel frame.  Leather strap is provided to get an elegant look and feel. The outdoor watch is light weight so that you won’t feel like having a heavy object attached to your wrists. When is come to any portable device, what everyone looks for after they look at the specification, is the battery capacity of the device. Youngs crystal outdoor watch comes with a 280 mAh polymer battery. As per the company claim, the watch should provide a 72 hours stand by time. If that’s true in practical scenarios, then it is a pretty good back up. You can make 8 hours of call continuously before the battery dies out.


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