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Smart Watch Introduction

Zeblaze is a smart watch made for outdoor use. You might be thinking that don’t all watches are made for both indoor and outdoor uses. The difference here is that this smart watch is specially made for outdoor use. It can be used in all physical conditions. The smart watchlooks just like an ordinary watch. The design and looks are exactly matching any other ordinary digital watch out there. But the performance is no ordinary.

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Smart Watch Hands on Testing

The smart watch has very good build quality. It is water resistant up to 100 meters. This is a perfect gadget for those who go out to places where there is water. You can use the smart watch when going on an adventure trip. Just because it is waterproof doesn’t mean it is a smart watch. So let us look at the smart features it offers. Just like any other smart watch, Zeblaze can be connected to your Android and iPhone. Bluetooth version 4.0 is available in the smart watch to make the connection. Though you need Android version 4.3 and above or iOS version 6.0 and above to connect this smart watch to your phone. So make sure you have the latest version of smartphone OS before you decide to buy this smart watch.

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All the basic tasks which any other smart watch offers is available in this one too. Zeblaze can manage calls, read SMS and manage emails if you have connected your phone. The time in the smart watch is synchronized with the time in your smartphone once the connection is established. You can use the watch to take photos also. It will utilize the Bluetooth connection for doing it and the picture will be stored in your phone. One interesting feature that I found is the phone finder option. You can use the smart watch to find where you put your phone. If you use this function, the phone will vibrate or produce an alarm to remind you where you put it. It happens to everyone that you don’t remember where you put your phone. This feature will be really helpful for those.

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The battery is what concerns the most. Sadly, the company only gave Zeblaze a 170 mAh battery. But according to the manufacturer, this is more than enough for this watch. They are claiming to have 1 year of standby time. This high stand by time may be possible because the watch is different from any other smart watches. The display is different from all other smart watches and thus it will consume less energy. The battery doesn’t need to be charged unlike other ones.

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Smart Watch Final Thoughts

The smart watch has some other functions which ordinary watches provide. It has a backlight, count down timer, hourly timer and stop watch. The smart watch is available in various interesting colour combinations such as Camouflage Blue, Camouflage Green, Camouflage Yellow, Blue, Green and Red. I recommend you go with any of the camouflage colours. It has a unique look and feel. The smart watch weights only 72 grams so it won’t feel much heavy on your wrists.


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