LinkedIn Job Hunting benefit from Advanced Technology

LinkedIn Job Hunting Market Competition

LinkedIn is known as the world most popular job searching online platform for professional employee. Based on some recent researches from  LinkedIn, Google seems to be the most sought-after enterprise to work for in American job market. Analysis from LinkedIn have reached more than billions of behaviors taken by nearly 500 million LinkedIn users to come up with a blended score that used to rank the winners. LinkedIn is planning to add and input more advanced technology to assist job hunting, for example, tallied views and actual applications on job postings, the total number of non-employees attempt to view and how long new hires stick around after joining a company.

LinkedIn Job Hunting

LinkedIn Job Hunting and Google

Facebook is in the second place for best employee company according to reports of LinkedIn. Apple and Amazon are in the third and fourth places. Its seems that technology companies dominated the rest of the top list in the LinkedIn job hunting report. Other famous technology enterprises include Uber, Microsoft, Tesla, Twitter, and Airbnb. LinkedIn pointed out that Google company lavishes its 60,000 workers with large number of working benefits, stock shares and pensions.

LinkedIn Job Hunting

LinkedIn Job Hunting Future Plans

According to LinkedIn, an even bigger probably draw is the chance to work on noteworthy projects like self-driving carsor Internet drones. Researches from LinkedIn argued that since the deal hasn’t closed and LinkedIn had no ties to Microsoft during the data-gathering period, LinkedIn opted to allow Microsoft to remain on the list this year. The analysis only included companies with more than 500 employees, and actions taken ending in early 2016. LinkedIn excluded itself from consideration. However, the action allowed Microsoft to remain on the list this year, despite the recent acquisition announcement.

 LinkedIn Job Hunting


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