Microsoft VR Headset VR Market Competition

Microsoft VR Headset HoloLens

According to a recent report from Microsoft, its HoloLens VR Headset has not ready for the market competition yet. Microsoft argued that Windows Holographic, the special version of Windows that powers its Microsoft VR HoloLens 3D glasses, won’t be unique design any longer. Microsoft will bring all features of VR headsets to the regular versions of Windows 10 for headset manufacturers to build their own headsets for devices using Microsoft’s operating systems for the upcoming years. It seems that the enterprise doesn’t plan to build a traditional virtual reality glasses. The release date of augmented reality (AR) headgear has not clear so far. Instead, Microsoft will use both VR and AR to influence market.

Microsoft VR

Microsoft VR Market Competition

Microsoft VR can harness the excitement right away even if it takes years for a consumer-ready version of Microsoft VR headset. The idea of combining VR and AR collaboration to bear fruit. Microsoft asking its software researchers developers that if they build Universal Windows Applications for Microsoft VR headsets. All similar applications will work on AR headsets close to the HoloLens Microsoft VR later. Microsoft’s platform will allow both HTC Vive VR applications and HoloLens Microsoft VR software to see one another and their surrounding for future market analysis. When the HoloLens’ sensors scan the room, Microsoft’s platform can share that scan with the HTC Vive users. Furthermore, Microsoft has a grand vision for what could happen once those headsets all play nice with Windows. People who work together across different time zones can communicate with each other as if they were in the same room by using any kinds of VR headset.

Microsoft VR

                                           augmented reality (AR) London Tower

Microsoft VR

                                    augmented reality (AR) London Street

Microsoft VR

                                             augmented reality (AR) USA Town

Microsoft VR Views from Analysts

A number of technology researchers and analysts from world leading VR brands pointed out that the announcement of Microsoft VR HoloLens broadens Windows Holographic from being an interesting but relatively narrow technology. Microsoft VR may really opens up the chances for new usage models and types of applications. Nevertheless, 2016 is the year of virtual reality headset era.


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