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Virtual Reality Technology Remote Controller

Recently some big figures in digital marketing field such as Google announced they gonna provide more popular videos for their virtual reality technology products. Moreover, Google plans to released a brand new smartphone-dependent VR headset, which made of plastic material. Compared to the previous version Google Cardboard, this new smartphone-based VR has an additional remote controller. According to Google, the main purpose of adding a controller is to make users feel like using ” virtual hands” to manipulate the “reality world.”That’s sound good, and so far lots of VR headset brands provide remote controllers for you to play games. However, I doubt whether a remote controller is good enough for advanced virtual reality technology experience?

Virtual Reality Technology Google Cardboard

If you checked Google Cardboard on some famous wholesale platforms like Amazon USA, you would find currently the mode indeed does good in terms of consumer ratings and sales amount. You could get one for the price ranged from $10 to $15 with a at least 3.5 star consumer rating. However, Google Cardboard has some apparent disadvantages. For example, its tabs are too short to hold in the slots, and sometimes the cardboard is in bad shape, so looks like weak or stubby. If you ordered online and unlucky to get one Google Cardboard with even sticky glue around its cardboard edges, you would probably has problems to put inside your smartphones. In this case, you spent money and got just a useless plastic cardboard, not a virtual reality technology headset.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality Technology Good Alternatives

In fact if you wanna some really high quality VR headset with higher price, have a try for HTC Vive, the Taiwanese brand, Oculus Rift, the American company, or the fast developing brand DeePoon M2 from China. All these three brands are of the same strength in terms of technological specifications and features. Or if you wanna budget VR headset with easy to use functions, brands like Arealer or Bao Feng Mo Jing are good alternatives.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality Technology Battles

Actually, one thing Google did really impressive is the enterprise’s efforts to promote innovative ideas about virtual reality technology, and its products provides a good example for followers to dig more deep in advanced virtual reality technology. On Google’s annual developer conference in Silicon Valley, the enterprise love to share creative new ideas with worldwide media about, for example, how to water your virtual backyard by using a VR. Meanwhile, Google have to face treats from some rival enterprise that based on desktop devices , such as Facebook. All in all, arguments and discussions about virtual reality technology would be continued and attract more attentions.

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